Minutes of June 17, 2004 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (guest), Ronald Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess (virtual), Thomas Glynn, Jackie Mardikian (recorder, virtual), Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy (virtual), Bob Sewell (Chair)

Tom Glynn kindly agreed to represent the CDC at the newly re-structured Planning/Coordinating Committee for 2004 – 2005.

Subject Research Guides:

Au informed the committee that there was good response to the general warning memo reminding selectors to revise their subject guides prior to the end of June or else the guides will be removed from the Libraries home page. Several areas such as Marine Science and NeuroScience with doctorate programs with needs for subject guides have been identified. Au and Bob will send out a general distribution to selectors informing them about these desired guides. If selectors have used reference assistants in developing these guides, it was suggested that the name of the selector appears first, followed by: "with the assistance of……"

Au reminded us that collaboration with colleagues from other campuses works very well. Linguistics is under construction. Two general research guides are also in development: "New Jerseyana" and "Dissertations". There was interest in seeing statistics on the usage of Research Guides.

Closing Out the 2003-2004 Collections Budget:

Bob distributed the spreadsheet and reported that we are in another peculiar situation with the budget. We have a large cash balance of over $400,000 in State funds. He explained the report and the discrepancies. Possible solutions and points were made:

[Since the meeting, many outstanding orders for monographs were received and processed and the cash balance decreased rapidly. However, zeroing out of the budget required a large over-expenditure by Central.]

Bob projects/hopes things will improve next year.

Online Serials Management Task Force Report:

The committee supported the recommendations made by the task force. The basic recommendation is the need to create a Serials Team. Consolidating subscriptions will streamline the workflow of the operation. A new committee will be formed next year to review and analyze the fund code scheme.

The report was basically well received. The question is can we create the infrastructure to support these recommendations? We may be able to implement it in stages.

One item for immediate implementation was the consolidation of multiple print subscriptions for titles that are required for gain online access.

Bob will bring this report to Cabinet.

Selector Budget Requests:

Bob updated us on the status of requests he has so far received. All the NB selectors have submitted their requests. He has received one form Camden. Newark's requests will come soon.

A discussion followed on the use and the location of this aggregate information. We recommended that confidential copies be housed in all the major libraries.

Most CDC members felt that this was a good exercise. It was a useful effort and gave us a certain amount of discipline. The information is very useful for Bob when developing the system-wide Collections request.

Jeanne recommended the Wilson Omni File as an important tool for undergraduate education. This may, however, be funded by as a result of the Libraries' proposal related to Route 18 Construction impact of the libraries.

RUL's Collection Budget Request:

Bob is currently working on his budget request. When submitted he will share it with CDC.

His report will include comparative statistics with other institutions. He will describe that budget planning would be easier if we received the budget at an earlier date. The budget base is less than the fixed costs. He will request that the FY2004 $750,000 temporary funding get allocated in the FY2005 base budget. He will warn about the 9.4% inflation for journals and make many other projections and the need for additional allocations to cover this. He will discuss the high demand for materials, such as Science books and foreign language materials, well demonstrated in the recent faculty surveys. He will also include a list of databases recommended by selectors. It was also recognized that a better media collection is needed. In addition to substantial existing demand, there any new emerging programs and institutes. As an example the new School of Nursing on the New Brunswick campus will be ready in 2006.

Review of 2003/2004 Collection development Council Goals:

We will develop goals for next year at a later date.

We examined each one of the goals and reviewed the status. We have accomplished most of our goals. When the university announces the principles of the All-Funds approach to budget , we will become involved in this. We reviewed the timetable selection and acquisitions. Fund raising has been good and new collections have been donated. We did not conduct a financial management workshop, and we will need to give selectors an update. The Online Serials Management Task force has recommended improvements fund management and serials streamlining. Some of the goals such as fostering communications and better understanding of user behavior were accomplished by the communications audit, faculty surveys and focus groups. A new committee to study collection development policies in other institutions will be established. Three new collection development policies, Mathematics, Sociology and Rare Books were updated. The many of 2001 recommendations of the Preservation Committee have been completed. Workflow and Communications between selectors and acquisitions has been improved. Mary Page attends CDC and keeps us informed. The infrastructure and software for DLI have been established. The Recon project has been very successful. More than 40,000 new catalog records have been created. This also helps with interlibrary loans.

Next meeting is on August 19. Location to be determined.

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