Minutes of August 19, 2004 Meeting

Susan Beck (recorder), Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Bob Sewell Via videoconference: Kayo Denda, Howard Dess, Jackie Mardikian, Gracemary Smulewitz guest, Veronica Calderhead

The following documents were distributed for this meeting:

1. Serials Consolidation: Gracemary Smulewitz reported on the issues and challenges facing the Serials Team (Gracemary Smulewitz, Yuhwei Ling, Cathy Pecoraro, Mary Page, Rebecca Martinez, Teri McNally, Iliana Bernal, and Andrea Lakois). We have 2,086 serial titles that have 2 or more subscriptions and over 1,000 titles with 3 subscriptions in the RULS system. One of the group's goals is to consolidate subscriptions for the same title, so that all of those subscriptions are serviced by the same vendor. Another issue is to determine how to fund electronic access for print titles now that there are charges for both print and electronic versions. We need to determine how we keep different items on different campuses and the impact of document delivery on serials consolidation. An outcome of this process is the evaluation of vendor performance. Also, this work will be the first step in evaluating a fund code structure for RUL. The Team will create lists by fund codes and print holdings for subject selectors to make system wide decisions on consolidation and duplication issues. The Serials Team wants the Council to establish guidelines to help in this process.

2. Gracemary Smulewitz also reported progress on the Serials Inventory taking place system-wide. The Technical Services Core Working Group is helping the Libraries with standards to clean up serials records and are meeting biweekly to discuss any problems resulting for the process. Expected time for completion is about a year. Special Collections and the East Asian Library are not currently included in this project. Ron Becker asked that Special Collections be included.

3. AUL Report Bob Sewell

1. Fund Code Review Task Force The three campus collection development coordinators (Calderhead, Dess, & Nettleman) will review the fund codes which were established pre-Sirsi. Other committee members will be: Nancy Hendrickson, Rebecca Martinez Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz, and Chris Sterback. This group is to complete their report by March 15, 2005 so changes can be input into SIRSE for FY2006. The serials consolidation process may have an impact on some of these decisions.

2. Bob thanked Gracemary Smulewitz for her work and report.

3. Bob Sewell updated the Collection Development / Subject Specialist Librarians list at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/about/collection_dir.shtml. He encouraged the group to make sure the listing is current and correct and to provide him with any necessary updates.

4. Media Review Task Force. This is a high priority item for cabinet since the university will be making major decisions about the delivery of entertainment media resources to the university community in the near future. The Task Force will review what is happening with media departments in libraries nationally as well as what RUCS is doing with media. The real issue here is to try to identify the scope and parameters of the role the library will play in media at the university. Task force members will need to develop some expertise to provide leadership for future decisions. Marianne would like a report by January, 2005.

5. Collection Development Policies Task Force This task force will review RUL collection development policies to address current and future needs. Members of this committee are: Jim Nettleman, Kayo Denda, Howard Dess, and Veronica Calderhead.

6. Cataloging Records for NetLibrary public domain collection. The Council recommended these records be added to IRIS. These 3,400 records, available at no cost, reflect titles from the Project Guttenberg, the University of Virginia Text Center and a few other public domain sites. When the records are entered into IRIS they will be no linking to the title's print copy.

4. Systems Report Ann Montanaro

1. Sirsi will not go down to do re-indexing

2. All Evans records have been loaded.

3. New EBBO records are being added.

4. Black Drama records will be entered soon

5. The first set of YBP records are being evaluated by cataloging for accuracy

6. New Beilstein have been loaded on each campus

7. Looking at issues related to Luna and Artstor, especially the fact that Artstor will not be using Luna's software, Insight.

5. Collections Budget Bob Sewell distributed the new state budget that currently totals $7,249,155. There is a possibility that we will receive additional funding because of the State funded Knowledge Initiative, Library Development Finds and potentially additional resources form the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

6. 2005 Collection Development Goals this is item was put off until the next meeting because of time constraints. Bob will make allocations in a couple of weeks.

7. GERT (General Electronic Resources Team) will investigate products for the undergraduate including an all purpose encyclopedia and review Wilson's Omnifile for possible purchase looking at cost savings among the Wilson products we have.

8. Howard Dess will send out a report of is initial impressions of SCOPUS to CDC.

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