Minutes of October 21, 2004 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Susan Beck, Ron Becker (recorder), Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, Kayo Denda, Judy Gardner, Tom Glynn, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page, and Robert Sewell (Chair)

ILL update

Judy Gardner distributed borrowing and lending statistics for the past four years (2001/02-2003/04). We received 9,234 books from PALCI via EZBorrow. Other borrowing went down slightly in Camden and Newark, but rose in New Brunswick. Thus PALCI has not reduced ILL borrowing although 61% of our borrowing comes from PALCI.

Ingenta Online Document Delivery Service transactions are going down. A list of titles was distributed. There is currently a $35 per article limit. The Public Service Council recommendation to raise the limit to $40, and continue the service was endorsed.

A Copyright Clearance Center Online summary for the past five years (1998-2003) was distributed. When journals less than five years old are requested more than five times or more than once by the same user, royalties have to be paid. Rutgers paid $1,863 last year.

The Current Imprint Project summary for 2000/01 through 2003/04 was distributed. Rutgers ordered less than 1/2 of the titles than it did last year at a total cost of $4,408. We need to analyze the titles that we purchase under this program vs. getting the same books for patrons via EZBorrow.

A chart analyzing the actions regarding missing book reports was distributed. We will eliminate LOST-REPLA from selector's missing book reports.

We will begin removing long overdue items from IRIS. Selectors agreed they do not need to review very early, long overdue items [pre-1997] before they are removed. However, Access Services will begin a regular schedule for deleting "more recent" long-overdue items [post-1997]. Items that are scheduled for removal in October will be made available to selectors in July of each year.

2005 CDC Goals

Robert Sewell distributed a draft of goals and objectives in a new format to facilitate the development of success measures.

Regarding the goal to improve the preservation of collections, Tom Glynn distributed Preservation Committee Digital Formats Subcommittee progress report for discussion. A workflow for digitization of books is being developed. The discussion raised several issues including whether we should: Bind digitized copies automatically or on demand? Repair or box the originals? Digitize books that have already been digitized somewhere else and are available commercially or without cost? We need to set up selection criteria to consider how RUL's digitization efforts fit into the broader world of scholarly digitization projects. We need to inform the outside world what we are digitizing and vice versa.

Jim Nettleman distributed the Paper/Print Subcommittee progress report for discussion. The subcommittee is recommending sampling temperature and humidity data at every library in multiple locations and establishing sufficient measuring capability so that we will have good information (covering all four seasons) at the end of the year. The subcommittee is also working on an educational package regarding good shelving practices.

The Preservation committee will be creating a website for system-wide Preservation, parts of which will link to the Development website to help attract donors for preservation needs. Also on the horizon is an inventory of moving images and sound recordings and the development of technical specifications for a preservation operation at our remote storage facility.

Inquiries from Science Librarians

1. If we cancel print journals, can we purchase databases with the funds saved from the cancellation?

The current practice at the Rutgers University Libraries is for the selector who cancels the journal(s) to reallocate those funds elsewhere including the purchase of database(s) as long as no central funds are needed to supplement the purchase(s) and future price increases. [At the September 16, 2004 CDC meeting there was a discussion about a potential windfall ($200,000+) if we did a large scaled cancellation of remaining print duplicate subscription without online access. In that case, we would look for a major redistribution of funds to benefit the "greater good" of RUL collections.]

2. What is the policy for retaining print copies of titles in e-journal packages?

When an e-journal package is from a publisher, all print copies may be canceled if permitted by publisher, but from an aggregator (like Ebsco's Academic Search Premier) one print, archival copy will be retained the appropriate research collection in RUL.

Associate University Librarian report

Robert Sewell updated the council on scholarly communications. A survey is being developed to find out what digital projects are going on at Rutgers outside of the library (administrative units, centers, etc.) and determine how we can assist them and what should we capture for the digital repository. This will also assist in developing a mission statement for the digital repository.

The non-State funds will be released shortly. We will hear about the "knowledge initiative" funds around November 15th. The entire amount in the fund is approximately $6 million. Our annual costs for the database list is about $2 million. It is not yet clear how much RUL will be getting form this initiative or how we will receive reimbursement for our current subscriptions.

A letter from the Libraries Advisory Committee went to National Institute of Health supporting the proposal that all NIH sponsored publications be available in PubMed within six months.

Acquisitions update

Mary Page reported that there is no current backlog. The unit is eager for FY05 ordering to begin. The Yankee profile is being tweaked to include more publishers, professional societies, etc. Mary met with New Brunswick selectors who will work on revising their profiles. It was noted that the IRIS displays ON ORDER, PENDING, etc. are confusing to users and should be made clearer if possible. Because we are receiving books quicker, they sometimes arrive before they are cataloged into OCLC and fewer full records are accompanying them.

Systems update

Ann Montanaro reported that 4,000 public domain e-book titles from NetLibrary have been loaded. Director's Station has been ordered from SIRSI and will be available early in 2005.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Becker

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