Minutes of November 29, 2004 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Susan Beck, Ron Becker, Veronica Calderhead (recorder), Kayo Denda,Howard Dess, Tom Glynn, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Robert Sewell

AUL Report

1. Conference Report

Bob reported on the recent SPARC Conference, Institutional Repositories: The Next Stage http://www.arl.org/sparc/meetings/ir04/ir04.html

The focus was on digital institutional repositories, or IR , both state-of- the-art and case studies. Most reporting institutions said they are using D-Space and developing, at least initially "e-print" collections of faculty publications. For more information see: http://www.arl.org/sparc/meetings/ir04/ir04.html

RUL's involvement to date is mainly in developing an infrastructure for an institutional repository, which we are calling initially The Rutgers Digital Repository. When that is developed, the next phase will be to develop a public interface. There are three active committees whose charges align with IR initiates:

It was suggested that the 3 committees have ongoing communication, even though they are works in progress.

Bob suggested holding a brown bag on IR. Stay tuned for brown bag details.

2. Strategic Planning

The formation of a Steering Committee is underway, composed of both library and teaching faculty. They will be charged with compiling the recommendations as they relate to areas of expertise and excellence. The strategic plan will project over five years.

3. Budget

Knowledge Initiative, a State Library funded to provide databases in science technology, and business to NJ academic libraries and four large public libraries, is actively being discussed and negotiated with vendors. RUL current subscribes to most of the proposed databases including Wiley Interscience and Science/Direct. The could free up significant funding for other purposes. However, without further details, Bob was unable to provide information about state allocations for book purchases. He reminded selectors to spend their non-state funds in the mean time.

Bob also asked Team leaders to be ready with their database/index recommendations for Dec. CDC meeting.

Acquisitions Report - Mary Page

Mary re-iterated the importance of finalizing the KI contract, otherwise new subscriptions will remain on hold.

Kluwer and Springer have merged. CDC recommended the following option: cancel all print and pay an additional $19K to continue current electronic access as well as gaining more titles. The NERL package will become available to RUL, there are approx 600 electronic journals in NERL's Kluwer/Springer package.

GOBI II. A limited number of New Brunswick selectors have been using GOBI II to place requests. Mary reports that the pilot is working well, and it is expected to go system wide before long.

Systems Report - Ann Montanaro

A reminder to everyone that Mary Minnow from New Jersey Digital Highway will be speaking at the Fedora Conference (online conference), December 13.

Director's Station (a SIRSI reports' module) arrival has been delayed. Ann expects delivery in first quarter of 2005.

Discussion on Acquisition Planning for the rest of the fiscal year

Considered possible scenarios:

Meeting adjourned.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/cdc/minutes/cdc_04_11_29.shtml
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