Minutes of May 19, 2005 Meeting

Ron Becker; Jeanne Boyle; Kayo Denda; Howard Dess; Tom Glynn; Karen Hartman; Jackie Mardikian; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Laura Mullins; Jim Nettleman; Robert Sewell, chair.
Grace Agnew, Veronica Calderhead, Mary Page

1. Congratulations were offered to Tom Glynn upon completion of his dissertation.

2. Two council members who will join CDC in July were present: Laura is replacing Jackie and Karen is replacing Kayo. Sara Harrington will also be on CDC replacing Tom.

3. AUL Report

Bob discussed the May 10th all-day meeting with Constance Malpas from RLG. He reported that the annual membership charge will be reduced in 2005-06 as RLG is now basing the fee on total library budget. Other RLG fees were discussed. Rutgers pays RLG an annual membership fee, a 5-user subscription fee to access the RLG Union Catalog and other databases, and a search block fee. (There are also ILL charges and access fees.) Each year Rutgers and RLG agree on an estimated number of searches expected to be needed for cataloging and database searching and Rutgers purchases search block. There are no free searches of RLG products. Other topics discussed during the day were ILL, digital preservation, Cultural Materials, and RLG's future direction.

Rutgers hosted the 1st Fedora Users Conference on May 13-14 with 110 participants.

Contract negotiations are still in progress for the Knowledge Initiative. RefUSA is now available and other products will follow. CINAHL will be included and will move from Ovid to Ebsco.

Ian Bogus is updating the Disaster Plan. A future CDC discussion will focus on identifying unique collections requiring preservation action in case of a disaster.

4. Systems update

The new Sirsi catalog interface - iLink - has been installed. Comments and questions should be sent to Stephanie Bartz, chair of IPAC. The implementation of Director s Station is in progress. Testing of the public searching function of the NJDH collections ( search our collection ) is encouraged. It is found at http://www.njdigitalhighway.org/. Comments and questions should be sent to Ann Montanaro.

5. Collection Development Policy Task Force Report

The task force was charged to review policies of other academic institutions, existing RUL policies, and recommend further action as applicable. The report was accepted with minor changes and a copy is available at: A new task force was established to review and revise subject collection development policies with Kayo, Laura, and Karen as members.

6. Draft Guidelines for the Acquisition of Gift Collections

Two changes were recommended to the draft: in the second paragraph add Shipping, and in the section on Acknowledgment Letters add sending copies of the letters to the AUL for Collection Development, campus director, and Director of Development. Further review and modifications of the draft was given to Ron Becker, John Shepard, and another selector to be named.

An additional policy is needed to give to potential donors explaining what books the library accepts and what is done with books accepted but not added to the collection.

7. Next meeting

The June 16th meeting will be held in Newark.

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