Minutes of July 21, 2005 Meeting

Ron Becker (recorder), Jeanne Boyle (via teleconference), Veronica Calderhead, Sara Harrington (via teleconference), Karen Hartman, Janet Howard, Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jim Nettleman, and Robert Sewell (Chair)

Planning/Coordinating Committee

Either Sara Harrington or Karen Hartman will represent the Council on the Planning/Coordinating Committee.

AUL Report

Robert Sewell reported that we are still awaiting the FY06 budget allocation for the Rutgers Libraries. We submitted a budget justification statement for collections. Non-State funds will be brought into the system more quickly this year.

Inflation rate prediction is 8.4% for periodicals in the arts and humanities; 9.3% for those in the social sciences; and 7.5% for those in the sciences. Spreadsheets for allocations are being prepared with those inflation figures factored in. The fixed costs (memberships, periodicals, packages, monographic series) will be entered into SIRSI's Workflows ASAP.

The final report of the Media Task Force, Lights, Camera, Action: Downbeat has been submitted. Ka-Neng Au, Jeanne Boyle, John Shepard, and Jane Sloan served on the task force. Bob Sewell is currently reviewing it. The report is informative and will be helpful in identifying future directions for media services. The university is paying more attention to multimedia resources. All selectors should be evaluating multimedia products in their collection development activities and including them in their subject guides.

Acquisitions Update

Janet Howard reported that the fiscal year rollover is complete. The FY05 orders are now being purged. Reserve and Priority 1 requests are being ordered off-line. The fiscal year ended with no backlog of receipts. Shelf-ready records are coming in for Camden approvals. Of the first five that came in, three were fully cataloged, processed, and labeled.

Systems Update

Ann Montanaro reported that Director's Station has been delayed. SIRSI training for administrators will take place in mid-August. She distributed the Database Use Statistics for 2004/05. She and others who attended the American Library Association meeting looked at electronic resources management systems. They reported that these probably work better as a single cohesive product from the same ILS vendor.

There are nearly 40,000 images in Luna Insight. The workflow management system in the Rutgers repository (eRKIVE) will soon be been regularized and moved from the SCC to Systems. We will then look to put more Rutgers material into the repository.

In response to a question regarding missing records for dissertations in IRIS, we need to do a sampling of the Proquest records against IRIS to determine the scope of the problem.

RUL Group Questionnaire Form

The Council received and completed a questionnaire from the Planning/Coordinating Committee that is performing a critical examination of the purpose, scope, and existence of councils, committees, task forces, and working groups by their members as a way of identifying redundancies and duplication of effort. The completed form will be submitted to Jeris Cassel.

Open Access Journals and Authors' Fees

BioMed Central has developed a model to cover author's fees for open access journals. The university would pay one fee ($3,450) that would allow everyone at Rutgers to submit an unlimited number of articles. But the direct benefit to the Libraries is not straightforward. BioMed Central publishes many journals both Open Access and for subscription. The membership would not change this. We already have access to their Open Access journals and to a limited number of their subscription-based journals. However, the Libraries are taking a leadership position in university regarding new methods of scholarly communications, especially relating to Open Access. Authors fees are one method of supporting free access to Open Access journals for all. The Council supports the BioMed Central approach and recommends the Libraries manage the membership if additional resources are available. The BioMed Central case is the first of many. With the current level of funding and the continuing price increases of library materials, these kinds of arrangements are somewhat problematic. They will in the short-term increase our costs, but in the long-term could diminish them. This issue will be brought to the attention of the university administration.

Gift Policy for the Public

Karen Hartman and Laura Mullen shared with the council an example of a model statement from Cornell about potential donations of gift collections as well as a draft regarding the Global Outreach Program. A small group will work to refine the Cornel statement (and to look at others) to fit the Rutgers context. (Karen Hartman, Laura Mullen, Julia Zapic, and Jeanne Boyle). Kevin Mulcahy suggested and the Council endorsed that the Libraries should get out from the middle and have the public donate books unwanted by us directly to the Global Outreach Program or similar organization. This was the intent of the draft prepared by Karen and Laura.


The Council's goals discussion will be derived from the draft strategic goals and vision being circulated by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. There will be an open forum on July 28th at 1 P.M. A short discussion that included re-engaging faculty into campus life through the library collections, exhibitions, lectures and other events thereby using library space for helping to build community. This discussion will continue and be more focused at the next meeting of the Council.

Next meeting: Thursday, August 18, 2005 in the Alexander Library.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Becker

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