Minutes of August 18, 2005 Meeting

Robert Sewell (Chair), Grace Agnew, Ron Becker, Jeanne E. Boyle (Recorder), Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Janet Howard, Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, John Shepard
Susan Beck, Veronica Calderhead, Jim Nettleman

1. AUL Report

Bob welcomed John Shepherd. The September meeting was rescheduled to September 29. The base budget for collections has been increased by $1.25 million, which brings the total base budget for collections to $7,343,478. The new base total includes the $950k temporary funding received in FY05, $175k that is the New Brunswick portion of the student computer fee, and a new $125k. Bob distributed "Book Budget Permanent, FY 93/94 FY 05-06." We will also continue to get student computing fee funds from Camden and Newark and fine money. The total bottom line for collections is $7,510,743. In the beginning of the all funds approach for the Libraries, a formula from tuition, etc., for library support will be developed. There may be more money later in the year. The university administration is aware that we are not able to buy the books needed and need increased funding for databases and serials. A list of database and serial needs totaling $400k has been shared with the university administration. Negotiations for the Knowledge Initiative continue. We will probably be recouping funds from Wiley, Nature, and Business Search Premier.

Bob reviewed a series of spreadsheets "FY 2006 Library Materials Allocation by Fund Code: State Funds," distributed prior to the meeting via email. "Central (X), FY 2006 Library Materials Allocation by Fund Code: State Funds" shows how ELPX is now allocated by subject code. An inflation increase of 6% was added across the board. No monograph or approval state allocations are available yet. Non-state money that carried over and named gift funds have been allocated. No interest is available yet for endowments.

Bob reviewed coming database changes. CINAHL will move from Ovid to Ebsco, We will cancel all Wilson files now subscribed to separately through Ovid and Wilson as a result of getting OmniFile, Compendex and Inspec will be provided by Engineering Village instead of Ovid, Medline will move from Ovid to Ebsco (NOTE: FOLLOWING THE MEETING, IT WAS DETERMINED MEDLINE WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM BOTH VENDORS.] Sociofile will move from Ovid to a CSA file. We will reduce the number of simultaneous users required for Ovid from forty to ten.

Bob reviewed a reminder from cataloging that each gift book needs to have a separate flyer. The reminder message will be posted to both the CDC and acquisitions staff pages. Gifts should be addressed to Sharon Favaro in cataloging (not acquisitions). In response to a question about having to prepare separate flyers for gifts of CDs that include hundreds of items, Grace Agnew advised contacting Sharon to make special arrangements. Local searching in RLIN or OCLC is discouraged because of the costs, and local searching in IRIS also has people costs.

Bob announced that we have received the first parcel of books about wine and spirits from a donor who worked in the industry. The gift will in Special Collections Alexander, Cook, and Alcohol Studies as appropriate.

2. Acquisitions Report

Janet Howard reported no order backlog; Ovid requested negotiations when they learned of our cancellations; Cathy Pecoraro and Dave Hoover are working on Google Scholar with Ebsco; we have had an Ebsco representative change; shelf ready is being worked on with PromptCat begun and approval distribution in New Brunswick under review; Chris Sterback is working with acquisitions on GOBI ordering, standing orders are coming in.

3. Systems Report

Ann Montanaro reported that administration training for SIRSI's Director's Station was taking place at the same time as the Council meeting; the old proxy will be turned off soon; and the workflow managements system is completed and will be transferred from the SCC to systems. Grace reviewed the new committee structure for repository development.

4. New Resources not funded with Central Funds

Many new electronic resources are announced that do not come to the attention of CDC and its evaluation teams; resources being ordered are not known to those who need to oversee placing them on the website. There was a general discussion of database ordering processes and how information about pending electronic resources is shared. It was decided that the CDC listserv address would be added to all online database request forms as a pilot. Kevin Mulcahy will ask the serials team about changes in the use of the forms.

5. Draft Strategic Planning Update

Ron Becker and Jeanne Boyle reported that the committee has met since the open forum and is writing scenarios and introductions to each goal section. The draft plan will be available for discussion during the fall semester.

6. 2006/06 CDC Goals and Objectives

Bob reviewed the 2005 collection development and management goals. Most of the overall goal statements represent continuing activities.

Goal 1. Improve preservation of collections


1. Design Print to Digital Workflow A small demonstration project was done. The project concentrated on brittle books, explored workflow with Dublin core metadata, and identified some costs.

2. Develop systemwide Print Preservation Plan Some pieces are in place. Some monitoring devices are now in use, and some condition surveys will be done.

3. Develop Preservation Web Page The Web page will be developed. We also need training about the proper handling of materials.

4. Continue Inventory of Moving Image and Sound Recording Collections and Develop Plan for Their Preservation The inventory is ongoing. Music Library reel to reel tapes of performances will be included. An NEH grant will follow next year.

5. Develop Technical Specifications for Remote Storage Facility in regard to Preservation Two designs are being considered. We will also look at storage for AV materials and mass storage. An objective for this coming year is appointment of an interim preservation administrator by internal appointment.

Goal 2. Develop Plan for Media Collection and Access the Media Task Force report will be discussed at the next meeting.

Goal 3. Improve Collection Development and Acquisition Efforts to Maximize Investments and Provide Data Collection for Decision Making


1. Continue to develop systemwide Approaches for Handling Serials, Especially Related to Online & Print the team to do this is in place.

2. Review and Revise Fund Codes to Improve our Ability to Manage Collections Funds on Sirsi Most funds codes have been revised. We will develop an N fund code for irregular publications so we can separate them from periodical funds.

3. Identify Core Reports Need for Collection Development and Management for Sirsi's Director's Station Directors' Station was not available, so will concentrate on this in the coming year.

Goal 4. Improve Documentation of Collection Development and Management Policies


1. Review Policies of Other Academic Institutions, RUL Policies, and Recommend what RUL Needs The report was received and will be reviewed by the Council during the fall semester. CDC will begin review of all general policies on web site, suggest revisions where needed and new policies that need to be developed.

2. Explore collection development policies for the digital repository The Digital Review Repository Committee is working on this topic and may need members with different expertise.

Goal 5. Strengthen Collections through Fund-Raising and Acquisition of Gifts

This goal was revised: Strengthen Collections through Increased Funding and Acquisition of Gifts


1. Develop Strategies and Priorities for Fund Raising Related to Collections and Acquisition of Gift Collection - We need to strengthen this state funding needs statement to include the need for increased funding from the university. Formulas need to be developed, but the university allocation needs to increase regardless of source state or other. We also need to develop data to support budget needs.

Goal 6. Support University's Designated Areas of Academic Excellence


1. Explore the collection Implications of Designated Areas of Academic excellence This objective was premature. We will continue to build our supporting infrastructure.

2. Begin Development of Portals and/or Research Guides for Designated Areas of Academic Excellence We will continue to work on research guides.

A major goal for next year is strengthening the role of liaison librarians. Cabinet has requested that the Council develop a fuller definition of liaison responsibilities. We could promote interdisciplinary collection development through better coordination and by reviewing and building on a study from the science libraries that shows areas that do not have liaisons. The Council could take a role in the proposed mentoring program and provide good standards and practices for collection development. Liaisons will also be important to the work of the communications/marketing team. Collection development statements need further study and development.

Due to lack of time the Media Task Force agenda item was not discussed. It will be on the September agenda at CDC and the other two councils.

THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2005 because the CDC chair will be out of town at the regulary scheduled meeting time.

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