Minutes of August 17, 2006 Meeting

Susan Beck; recorder, Veronica Calderhead; Bonita Grant; Sara Harrington; Karen Hartman; Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy; Laura Mullen; Jim Nettleman (via videoconference); Mary Page; Francoise Puniello; Robert Sewell, chair; John Shephard; Gracemary Smulewitz, Farideh Tehrani

1. AUL Report - Bob Sewell

The total budget reduction to the libraries base budget is $1.94 million or 8.2%, $426,834 has been restored budget from the 10% reduction scenario. This restored money will be used to help fund open positions and to avoid layoffs. The libraries received one time money which will be applied to YBP to support the approval plan. Some collections prepayments were made in the last fiscal year which will help us this year. State Library and VALE are developing a massive advocacy campaign to ensure the successful support of the continued funding of the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative. We need librarians from RUL to be involved. We are still negotiating contracts for our electronic resources. We discussed the renegotiations and unique creative solutions to address our budget shortfall. The libraries have selected Harrassowitz as our primary serials and online vendor.

2. Systems Update - Ann Montanaro

Reported that there would be a demo of Serials Solution Article Linker at Noon, and that new virus software has been installed on our equipment.

3. Cancellations - CDC

Finalize Print & Database Cancellations

We discussed the list of prepared database cancellations and made additional recommendations to the status of the lists.

How to announce to public? There will be a general announcement of the database cancellations. In addition, Team Leaders will assign selectors to complete the Database Cancellation Template available online: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/collection_dev/procedures/db_cancellation_template.shtml

A new team was created to revisit the policy issues relating to the cancellation. A goal of this team will be to articulate the policies related to cancellations and ensure consistent application of those principles across all teams and campuses. Membership will include all the Electronic Resources team Leaders, All Campus Reps to CDC, Mary Page and Bob Sewell. Bob Sewell will set up the first meeting.

We concluded by agreeing to cancel those titles that we consider to be definitive, and revisit the controversial titles.

4. Proposal for a Pilot for Document Delivery of Last Print Serial Copy - Gracemary Smulewitz (with input from Judy Gardner)

Little time was left to discuss this item on the agenda. However, it was determined that staffing, location and equipment needs needed to be flushed out. It will be discussed at a future meeting.

5. Items Distributed at the meeting or prior to the meeting via email

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