Minutes of December 20, 2006

S. Beck; R. Becker; V. Calderhead; K. Hartman; A. Montanaro, recorder; K. Mulcahy; L. Mullen; J. Nettleman (via videoconference); M. Page; F. Punieloo; R. Sewell, J. Shepard; chair; G. Smulewitz; J. Still (via videoconference); F. Tehrani; M. Weber (guest).

1. Jim was thanked for his 10 years of service and active participation on the Council and Julie Still was welcomed as the new CDC representative from Camden.

2. Clarification to the minutes of November, 2006. The libraries will not purchase "required textbooks."

3. Bob showed "RULís Collection Budget and Serial Management," a PowerPoint presentation prepared for the Library Advisory Committee. It documented the increasingly dire financial situation facing collections. Bobís budget letter to the community is on the librariesí initial web page. Despite the cut-backs, new resources are being requested and a strategy is needed to support those requests. Ongoing advocacy and support for NJKI is needed to ensure continuation of that funding.

4. Budget update. Until the serial invoices are entered, the final budget figures will not be available. Some serials have had extraordinary price increases and those subscription price changes are being reported to selectors. New Brunswick will use salary savings money to supplement their collections budget. YBP did not implement the profile changes as quickly as anticipated and, as a result, more approval books were received in November and December than were expected. The NB approval plan may have to stop receiving books before the end of the fiscal year. Other vendor approval plans may be explored.

5. Capital Campaign proposals. Several library proposals were submitted to Dr. Furmanskiís office. They are requests for funding new buildings and collections and include one to increase the endowment by $20 million to support acquisitions and processing of resources. The Library is also supporting a proposal from the New Brunswick Graduate School for $1.5 million for a dissertation library award. This award would provide grants to dissertation students to acquire materials for them in their area of research.

6. Jim Niessen and Bob Sewell attended the ARL/ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communications and they will give a presentation on the institute.

7. A modification to the document "Procedures for Cataloging Printouts of Internet Resources" was reviewed. The following paragraph will be added to the document:

It is the goal of the Rutgers University Libraries to receive and catalog all relevant Internet based publications in various forms including those created by Rutgers University administrative units; academic departments, centers, and institutes; and student organizations. Selectors may also opt to provide access to a printout or other form of reproduction, rather than the original resource, when it is warranted. In such cases, the bibliographic record will indicate that the resource is a reproduction and a 533 reproduction note will provide details about the original, such as type of reproduction, year of publication, year of printout or reproduction, capture method and date.

If Cataloging receives any problems or exceptions to the policy, Mary Beth will send them to campus representatives.

8. Mary reported that ordering is up-to-date but that there is a small processing backlog.

9. Mary presented "Rutgers University Libraries Principles for Licensing Digital Resources." Minor changes were suggested and Mary will make those modifications and send the document to Bob for posting on the web pages.

10. Bob, Mary, Ron Jantz, and Grace Agnew are exploring participation in LOCKSS and/or Portico. Both initiatives preserve archival copies of serial issues but they have two different approaches. LOCKSS crawls publisher sites and stores data and can be used as a backup if a vendor or provider is temporarily unavailable. Portico stores source files and access to the files is available only if there is a catastrophic event or the provider ceases publication. Local software is required to use and present Portico-stored files.

11. At a future meeting CDC should begin discussing principles for acquiring new journal titles.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, January 18, 2007.

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