Minutes of January 18, 2007

R. Becker, V. Calderhead, K. Hartman, A. Montanaro, K. Mulcahy (recorder), L. Mullen, R. Sewell (chair), J. Shepard, J. Still
J. Boyle

AUL Report—R. Sewell

The first cabinet meeting with faculty representatives took place on January 18, and Bob looks forward to this new source of input. Bob will co-chair the Dana Librarian search committee, along with the Acting Dean of the Newark Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Professor Jan Lewis. Search committee members are Jan Lewis, Alex Hinton (Sociology and Anthropology, Newark). Kimberly DaCosta Holton (Classics and Modern Languages, Newark) Alexandra Sannella (Accounting and Information Systems, Newark), Lee Slater (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Newark), Vincent Pelote, Jingfeng Xia, Maggie Harris and Ka-Neng Au from Dana and Lourdes Vazquez from New Brunswick.

Two Academic Excellence Award projects were discussed at Cabinet. The first is "Incorporating Labor Archives, Primary Source Documents, and Digitized Archival Materials in the Teaching of Labor Studies and Labor History: A Collaborative Teaching Initiative between Special Collections/University Archives of the Rutgers University Libraries and the School of Management and Labor Relations." This project seeks to involve undergraduate students in doing primary research using some of RUL’s great labor collections. RUL will process and digitize more collections and SMLR faculty will get release time to develop new curriculum. We hope that this partnership between the Libraries and SMLR will serve as a model for future collaborative efforts. Ron Becker and Bob Golon are of the authors of this proposal. The second proposal is "Promoting Rutgers Science and the Value of Information," initiated by Marty Kessleman and Eileen Stec. The goal here again is to involve undergraduates, in this instance in scientific research, in part by using technology to link students and faculty (for example using podcasts). There will be an information literacy component.

Veronica Calderhead will be going on sabbatical, and will be temporarily replaced on CDC by Ann Watkins. Veronica's artistic work (mosaic furniture) was featured in the most recent issue of the Rutgers Magazine.

Systems Report—A. Montanaro

The demo site for Searchlight, our new federated searching product, is now available at ---/rul/demo/searchlight/searchlight-dh.shtml. Please look at the test and at the subject clusters of indexes and databases and bring any suggested revisions to the February CDC meeting. Use Internet Explorer for testing Searchlight. Once you do a search (using our cluster of 9 basic databases), you are taken to the Serials Solution site where a menu of various subjects is available. To stay in the same search, select "Basic."

Public computers are being re-imaged for the second semester in order to allow the pop-ups needed for Ref Works.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations are within a few days of being live. The NB Graduate School will be accepting PDF versions—optional for May graduates, but then obligatory for October 2007 and beyond. The theses and dissertations will be cited in IRIS, Proquest, and the RU-Core.

RUL Strategic Planning and Collections—J. Boyle

The plan is intended to help us redefine work and reorder priorities. The new planning committee, chaired by Michael Joseph, the Deputy Faculty Coordinator, and including Jeanne, is charged with overseeing the implementation of the strategic plan. After eighteen months of development, we are now beginning to phase in components of the plan. As part of this process, the Planning Committee is going back to bodies that contributed to the plan and asking them to review their work. CDC is one of the bodies, and our response is expected by March 16. Jeanne shared a draft of a grid which we'll use as the basis for our review, and we spent some time considering it and identifying our primary and secondary areas of involvement. The emphasis will be on action, but the common grid will also help with ownership and accountability. One result will be a revised "Collections Strategic Planning Document" (the original is dated January 31, 2005). This review will be a focus of activity in the next two months.

VALE Last Copy Preservation Program Proposed Guidelines were distributed and briefly discussed. There was a CDC consensus that clarification and some modifications of the draft would be appropriate.

Selectors' Toolkit Progress Report—L. Mullen

Development is going well, with numerous contributions from selectors. Laura is now soliciting input from TAS. A draft of the top level pages has been distributed, but suggestions can still be sent to Laura.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Mulcahy

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