Minutes of May 17, 2007

R. Becker, J. Cassel, K. Hartman (via videoconference), K. Mulcahy, L. Mullen (via videoconference), M. Page (via videoconference), R. Sewell (presiding), J. Shepard, G. Smulewitz, A. Watkins (recorder).
G. Agnew, A. Montanaro, F. Puniello, J. Still, F.Tehrani.

AUL Update:

Bob Sewell reported that he is co-chair of the search committee for Dana's Library Director. On May 21st and May 22nd, two candidates will give presentations on urban libraries followed by a half hour for questions. R. Sewell encouraged the Council members to attend in person or via videoconference.

One of this year's SPEC surveys will explore the impact of recent trends on the liaison relationship. The last survey on this subject was conducted in 1992. Selected RUL librarians will participate. The authors of the survey hope to determine the three top challenges facing librarians who are maintaining liaison relationships.

Acquisitions Report

Mary Page provided information to the Council in an email dated May 9, 2007, and gave an update at the meeting.

M. Page stated that all invoices for every item received in Acquisitions will be processed before the end of FY2007.

Review of CDC Policies

Acquisition and Retention Policies for Journals in Print and Online Formats

The policy was approved by the Council at the last meeting. It was reviewed by Cabinet.

Council members continued their discussion of the policy wording. Some recommendations for changes were discussed.

It was suggested that the policy open with an overriding statement of principle including a preference for the electronic format for journals, if the format is available and appropriate for the discipline. There was concern that the policy does not refer to the sustainability and stability of online resources.

Section 1, Cancelling Print Subscriptions when Journals Are Available Online, statements a and b, provide an opportunity to make a global statement about archiving electronic journal runs. Models have already been established in the LOCKSS and CLOCKSS initiatives. RUL might stipulate archiving rights in contracts with publishers.

Section 2, Retaining Print Subscriptions when Journals Are Available Online, should include the sustainability and stability of an online journal. G. Smulewitz pointed out that this is part of the publisher's contract. M. Page offered to write something and send it to the Council members.

Criteria for placement of journal backruns in the Annex are not considered in the policy or elsewhere. While the backruns come from New Brunswick Libraries, no duplicates are accepted with the exception of rare duplicates. R. Becker is investigating how to handle the rare duplicates. Librarians and staff at Kilmer and LSM are reviewing existing microfilm and bound volume duplicates. Any bound volumes that are subsequently withdrawn might replace damaged volumes elsewhere including the Annex..

Several members expressed concern about Section 3, Print Backruns for Online Journals, Statement 3, "Duplicate volumes will be withdrawn from RUL." The statement needs further elaboration. The duplicate volumes would be withdrawn from New Brunswick Libraries rather than all of the University Libraries. While consolidation of holdings in New Brunswick is desirable, patron access to important journal titles takes precedence. There have been a few cases of all copies of an index being discarded so oversight to make sure needs are met is required. L. Mullen agreed to coordinate discussion of this concern. G. Smulewitz described briefly how a consolidation project might be organized although she questioned the priority and workload of such a project.

Some wording changes were suggested for Section 5, Duplicate volumes will be withdrawn from RUL. In Statement a, "If the supplemental charge for online with print is $100 or less, the additional amount will be taken from the holding or transfer funds: TAMB, TAMB, TRMD, TRMR," the word, holding, should be changed to subject. Statement b might include an additional sentence stating that transfer or central funds may be used to supplement the cost if no selector funds are available.

An additional statement, e, should be added to Section 5 to alert selectors that all requests for online journal titles should be sent to the Serials Team first so they may establish background for the request.

Principles for Licensing Digital Resources

The policy will go to University Counsel for review.

2008 Collections Budget Update and Planning

R. Sewell informed the Council members that he has already had some positive news about the 2007-2008 budget. The early date as well as the recommendation that any givebacks are not to be taken from collections funding indicates the University administration's greater level of commitment.

R. Sewell prepared a collections justification statement for Dr. Furmanski to review. It included four scenarios to increase funding above the base. The journal cancellation project to reduce system-wide duplication resulted in a saving of $500,000. In the coming year, non- state monies should include $500,000 in interest and endowments as well as $400,000 in new gifts. The University Libraries plans to pay their Harrassowitz periodicals invoice early. The resulting savings will be used to help cover the cost of inflation.

New programs requiring some level of support were mentioned: the PhD in America Studies in Newark, the PhD in Childhood Studies in Camden as well as social work and the Gambling Center in New Brunswick. Laura Mullen added the importance of access to Scopus for the science faculty.

Report on the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) annual meeting and follow-up at Rutgers

R. Sewell attended the annual meeting in April. The Center has a new strategic plan, CRL 2010, with three directions: focus, to increase access to CRL's print and electronic resources supporting international studies; support, to archive and provide retrieval to key humanities and social sciences resources; and integrate, to examine overarching issues of collection development and knowledge preservation. With the University's focus on international and global studies, R. Sewell plans to hold a symposium where librarians J. Niessen and L. Vazquez can talk about their involvement with the Center. There was also discussion on creating access if the Center's holdings were considered an extension of RUL. It was suggested that the Center's holdings be loaded into IRIS, including the Center's catalog in federated searching as a lower cost alternative, and taking advantage of discoverability of the Center's digitized holdings in Google Scholar.

Collection Measures and Comparisons

R. Sewell distributed two charts showing a comparison of the University Libraries' collection measures with those of other public AAU institutions. While RUL ranked 19th overall, the ranking for current serials including electronic journals was 14th. The University Libraries' standing dropped when volumes added and total collection budget were also considered. Circulation statistics continue to decline while use of ILL is growing, a reflection of activity nationally. Database use increased and has doubled since 2000. The number of reference desk transactions shows the most dramatic drop.

The Council members discussed what measures are important to use and how they might be collected and analyzed. While collections use, size and ILL activity are fundamental, it was suggested that collection development policies be examined for other significant indicators. The data and analyses available in Director's Station may also provide revealing information such as circulation by call number range, average number of books borrowed by faculty and students, and the number of deliver/recall transactions. K. Mulcahy offered to lead a group to investigate the usefulness of Director's Station for collection use data.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Watkins

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