Minutes of June 21, 2007

J. Cassel (recorder); K. Hartman; S. Harrington; M. Joseph; T. Kuchi (guest); A. Montanaro; K. Mulcahy; L. Mullen; J. Shepard; R. Sewell (chair); J. Still (via-videoconference); A.Watkins.

AUL Update - R. Sewell

L. Mullen will serve as Collection Development representative to the Planning  &  Coordinating Committee for the current year.

The state reduced the NJKI FY08 budget by $1 million. Fund restoration may occur later. If this is not the case, the 11 NJKI databases could cease at the end of Feb. 08. (On June 28, the State Librarian announced on the VALE listserv that the intent of the State Library and the NJKI Task Force is to continue all NJKI databases for as long as the $2 million will last, which is expected to be until February 28, 2008.) MIG was among the individuals who testified at the Assembly budget hearings.

In closing out the budget, plans for unspent funds are to (1) pay current obligations and (2) prepay some due next year before making new commitments. Important for planning next year is the advance knowledge that Furmanski's allocation of a 5% increase in the base budget and the early payment discount ($90,000) for the Harrassowitz serials. Serial allocation to fund codes will be based on FY2007 expenditures. In stead of allocating cost increases to the fund code level, there will be a pool of funds for inflation for each of the three campuses and central to cover these increases as bills are received. In response to an inquiry from L. Mullen, R. Sewell noted that if a selector cancels a new title subscription of equal price may be selected as a replacement.

Acquisitions Update

None - M. Page attending ALA.

Systems Update - A. Montanaro

Fifty percent (50%) of the theses/dissertations for May graduates from the Graduate School of New Brunswick were electronic. The October submissions will be 100% electronic. MIG is meeting with deans of schools to encourage electron theses/ dissertations.

There are no funds to replace aging public computers since there are no forthcoming ELF allocations. Priority is to replace Novell servers if funded.

Some public computers are being reimaged for login authentication. For New Brunswick/ Piscataway libraries, NetID and password will be used.

VALE is doing a feasibility study of open source ILS software Evergreen. The software may be loaded at RUL for testing. Evergreen is currently in use by Georgia Library PINES, a consortium of 265 public libraries. This could replace vendor-based systems and result in a shared catalog in New Jersey in the future. VALE would become the vendor rather the commercial organizations such as SIRSI. Currently, major pieces such as reserves and acquisitions are missing.

Director's Workstation training is continuing K. Mulcahy inquired about the installation of the new Unicorm Workflows J-Client software and whether the changes require training for selectors. Consensus was that selectors need training on the use of the new software.

Liaisons in Marketing Plan - T. Kuchi (member of RUL Marketing Implementation Team.

Liaisons and liaison activities are incorporated into the goals and measurable objectives of the marketing plan. Kuchi emphasized the importance of liaison input and proposed a creation of a liaison group for developing baseline strategies and expectations and for a continuous ongoing discussion rather than an occasional agenda item. The Marketing team needs some measure for quantifying what liaisons do. A lively discussion ensued on the matter of standardizing quantifying liaison activities when the activity is individualized and varies according the willing involvement and needs of departmental faculty as well as state of the budget, as well as the use of marketing in the academic environment. Quantity does not equate with quality. Consensus was for a virtual liaison group rather that might be established with and share information through a Sakai site with discussion, listserv, and chat.

Setting Goals for Next Year

The background for setting goals for next year includes: Strategic Plan, CDC Strategic Planning Grid and designated CDC responsibilities, transition from CDC to Library Resources Council with an elected chair beginning FY2009, a new Committee on Scholarly Communication, discussions on different measures for collections and impact, MINES, Multi-dimensional Framework for Academic Support Report. Questions to consider in setting goals include: How should we shape the work of CDC for the new council? How will faculty be engaged in new council?

K. Hartman inquired as to how the new Committee on Scholarly Communication differs from the previous one. R. Sewell noted there is some overlap but the emphasis is on new forms of scholarly communication, open source and its impact on our work and on publishing, role of liaisons, copyright and open access, and how to facilitate the work of teaching and research at Rutgers. Also, membership will include the four AULs (CDM, RIS, DS, and Planning and Assessment).

Annual Reports

R. Sewell asked for input from selectors of inclusion of information in the annual report for collection development activities. The report goes into the annual RUL report and is used by Julia Zapcic and raising interest of potential donors.

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