Minutes of August 30, 2007 Meeting

G. Agnew, R. Becker, J. Cassell, K. Hartman, K. Mulcahy, R. Sewell, G. Smulewitz, J. Still, A. Watkins
J. Boyle

AUL's Report (Robert Sewell)

CDC goals were finalized and sent to Cabinet and to CDC. State funds ($7,083,535) were allocated. Central funds are available for price increases and RU Online purchases. There is a reserve fund for other invoices, such as serials invoices received in a different year from the order. Non-state funds have some free balances and will be ready for distribution by the second week of September. Nancy covers commitments from previous years before releasing the remaining amount. $90,000 that resulted from prepaying the Harrassowitz account will be placed in the state funds allocation.

Interpreting library statistics (Jeanne Boyle, guest)

Statistical charts are available on the libraries' website. Currently working on 2006-7 statistics. Some highlights:

Jeanne Boyle is asking the Councils to explain what these statistics tell us and what they mean for our continued service to the university.

Discussion included the following comments:

Other Business

It was suggested that selectors need to understand the mechanics of subscriptions-when price increases occur, how they are handled, etc. It was agreed that we should have a liaison program with the Serials Group to educate and inform selectors on an ongoing basis.

Grace Agnew (recorder)

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