Minutes of October 18, 2007

R. Becker, J. Cassel, V. Dent, K. Hartman, K. Mulcahy, L. Mullen, A. Montanaro (recorder), M. Page, R. Sewell (chair), J. Shepard, G. Smulewitz, J. Still, M. Weber
G. Agnew

1. AUL Report - Bob Sewell

Letters in support of the NJKI are needed. Contingency plans are not yet in place and contracts for databases begin to expire in February, 2008. Some contracts may be renegotiated through June.

Marianne Gaunt has a planning meeting scheduled with Dr. Furmanski in mid-November and the committee reviewed concerns: collection and space issues, new academic initiatives that begin without library support, collecting within the existing or a reduced budget, lack of state funding for the approval plan, inability to collect or support new formats, failing behind peer institutions, need for new databases, journals, and reference resources in the sciences.

The new AAUP contract includes faculty development funds for tenure-track lines. The committee discussed the value of continuing non-tenure track lines in the libraries and what new faculty lines are needed. There was agreement that hiring strategies should be reviewed to allow the hiring of younger librarians with less experience as well as people without MLS degrees who have subject or technological expertise.

2. Acquisitions Report - Mary Page

Acquisitions is catching up on the end-processing from end-of-year purchases. There is a large backlog of paper dissertations being processed. They are ready to accept new orders. Mary is working on the open position and will be looking for a new hire to process foreign orders.

Kevin reported that New Brunswick is beginning to work on allocations. Bob said the distribution of non-state funds may be done in January in the future. This mid-fiscal year distribution would have some advantages such as allocation being done at a less busy time of the year and having funds available right after the rollover of the collections budget in July. Julie is working with Nancy Hendrickson and will begin allocations soon.

3. Systems Department - Ann Montanaro

A UCS position is open and being recruited. The Novell to Windows server migration is beginning. Bob Warwick and Rhonda Marker are reviewing the cataloging records for LION and ECCO and should be able to begin loading them soon. Chris Sterback is working with the VALE Last Copy Committee to identify circulating books from the Rutgers collection published before 1900. The committee plans to create a last copy bibliographic database at the State Library. Sirsi J-client training is continuing and support of the C-client will be discontinued in January.

All October dissertations submitted to the Graduate School - New Brunswick were electronic. They will no longer accept paper dissertations. Systems is working with other schools to introduce ETDs in their programs. May graduates of the Graduate School - New Brunswick had the option of submitting their dissertations electronically or on paper. 72 students submitted electronic dissertations; they are being cataloged and will soon be available both in IRIS and in RUcore. They will be available in Proquest's Dissertations and Abstracts after they appear in RUcore. If a student was from another school, or submitted a paper dissertation to the Graduate School - New Brunswick in May, 2007 or, the dissertation will appear in Proquest's Dissertations and Abstracts before it is in IRIS.

4. Cataloging and Metadata Services - Mary Beth Weber

Sharon Favaro has accepted a new position. Melissa De Fino will be processing gifts. Cataloging is reviewing how to manage Institutional Records in OCLC. Separate records were loaded for all of the Rutgers RLG records but ongoing additions and maintenance need further review.

5. CDC Sakai Site - Jeris Cassel and Mary Page

The site was reviewed online and Mary and Jeris demonstrated the use of the pages. After lengthy discussion, they will continue to review it and bring ideas to a future meeting. CDC suggestions included: presenting a quick summary of all requests for new electronic resources, capture the forms as they are submitted, provide a priority list, use a wiki for the selector tool kit.

6. Collection Data and Measures Subcommittee - Kevin Mulcahy

University documents are being reviewed and the committee will meet soon. Julie is joining the committee.

7. Transition from print to e-journal packages. Gracemary Smulewitz

Gracemary presented figures showing changes in pricing models for Haworth, Cambridge, and Oxford serials. By moving to online subscriptions savings can be realized. CDC agreed to move to the online versions. She will schedule a meeting with Sage to review their titles.

8. Requested databases - Bob Sewell

Bob asked team leaders to submit two lists to him: priority lists of single-title journal requests and databases, both with prices. A fund code should also be included. Any serial prices that are needed can be obtained from the Serials Team.

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