Minutes of November 15, 2007

Ron Becker, Jeris Cassel, Valeda Dent, Karen Hartman, Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen (recorder), Mary Page, Bob Sewell (Chair), John Shepard, Gracemary Smulewitz, Julie Still (videoconference), Farideh Tehrani, Ann Watkins (videoconference)

AUL Report (Bob):

NJKI update: There is no new information on the $1,000,000 shortfall in the appropriation for NJKI. The deadline (Jan. 7, '08) is coming soon for any possibility of reinstatement of the funding. If the funding is not restored, the 11 databases involved will be in serious jeopardy. CDC members asked about the necessity of developing a concrete plan for dealing with the devastating consequences to RUL of the potential cancellation of the indexes, databases, and journal packages involved. Possibilities discussed included: impact on interlibrary loan, investigation of subsidizing "pay per view" access to material for users, the cancellation of lesser-used serial titles (even though the timing of the NJKI cancellation does not mesh with subscription cycles), and the more remote option of finding funding to cover the 11 subscriptions at least until the end of the FY. More advocacy is urgently needed, especially from the public and the small businesses that have benefited from the program. The large FTE issue at RUL makes costs prohibitive, and the public mission of the Libraries does not allow for restrictions in access. Feb. 28th is the target date for cancellations in lieu of reinstatement of funds.

Bob spoke warmly of Veronica, and her dedicated work on the Council over the years. Ann spoke of the memorials planned to honor Veronica. One will be held in December (Dec. 18, 3-5 pm University Club in the Paul Robeson Campus Center in Newark) , and another in the Spring, and a tree will be planted near the library.

Strategic Plan Document: Cabinet is putting a priority on each goal, and on action items. There are many goals that involve collection development and management, and it creates a very ambitious agenda going forward. Prioritization is needed. Funding is a perennial problem in reaching goals. University will be interested in the impact of our work and our collections to teaching and research. Are we asking for anything that is not really needed? Karen H. has prepared an analysis of the social sciences "wishlist" items to see if peer and aspirant libraries subscribe to the requested resources. In some cases, all peer libraries subscribe to a resource and Rutgers does not.

METRO selectors' meeting has been scheduled, and Kevin will be a panelist. Selectors are encouraged to attend. NYU, Kimmel Center, Rosenthal Room, November 30. This is a good networking opportunity, and will feature collaborative strategic planning, collection development, and meeting with selector interest groups.

There will be an open forum on scholarly communications after the RUL faculty meeting this Friday. Marianne will provide an overview of RUL initiatives, and Jim Niessen and Bob will provide an update of the work of the Committee on Scholarly Communications (CSC).

Ron and Farideh reported on the IMLS proposal for statewide preservation planning. Farideh attended the planning meeting, and the application was submitted in October. The big need is for a statewide storage facility with a preservation lab. Newark Museum and the State Museum are involved.

2. Systems Update (Ann)

The VALE users' meeting will be held Jan. 9. Christopher J. Mackie of the Mellon Foundation will be the keynote speaker. There will be programs on open library systems, and the conference will include many interesting breakout sessions.

3. Acquisitions Update (Mary)

Orders are coming in steadily, and the department is up to date with no backlog. As for the approval plan, all selectors are urged to really look at what they're getting-a lot of changes were made last year. Selectors should be monitoring the approval plan to see what's received, or excluded. Search "excluded" can be used in Gobi.

Mary also reported on the recent Charleston Conference. More than 1000 publishers, vendors, librarians, aggregators, and others came together. Mary blogged from the conference this year. Clifford Lynch, the keynote speaker, discussed such topics as data mining and scholarly literature. Two of the big trends are better search and discovery tools for PCs, and the building of personal libraries. Issues with publication and sharing of data have moved to the forefront. Publishers need to facilitate sharing of data. Other trends include the coming information wave from China.

4. Selectors/Liaison SAKAI site and Selector Tool Kit (Jeris and Laura)

After trial of the Central Funds Request lists moving to Sakai, and ensuing problems with keeping the lists up to date, the decision was to move the list back to it's origin. It would be best to restrict it somehow, and that would be the goal. The lists need to be kept up to date, but also need to be protected from wide exposure on the web. Jeris, Laura and Karen will work on ideas for moving the material gathered for the Selector Tool kit to the selectors' site in Sakai.

5. Requested Databases and Journals (Subject Team Leaders/CDC)

General discussion to give Bob current information about all selectors' database and journal requests. Selectors have made requests for new journals and indexes/databases through the central forms, and this information makes up the current list. All teams have given Bob "wishlists" of currently desired journals, indexes and databases. Point was made that investments in databases must be balanced with needs for funding for book collections, especially in the arts and humanities. Book funding needs to represent a fixed cost. In general, we need to continue to address and stress the value of the library in any requests for funding.

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Bowering Mullen

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