Minutes of March 20, 2008 Meeting

Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Karen Hartman, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jeris Cassel, Ann Watkins, Ron Becker, John Shepard, Mary Page (recorder)
Grace Agnew, Valeda Dent, Mary Beth Weber

Bob led a discussion on how any end-of-year funds might be used. Possibilities include:

  1. Paying the $148,900 shortfall that resulted from the NJKI underfunding.
  2. Prepaying 2009 collection obligations totaling $274,554.
  3. One time purchases recommended by the e-resources teams.

Suggested one-time purchases are:
Science: Web of Science back files, $72K
A&H: 19th Century US Newspapers, $56K
SS: International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, $21K
General: Gale Virtual Reference Library, $14K
These represent the top priorities of each of the subject teams

We discussed budget planning for fy2009. The worst-case scenario is a $1.8 to $2 million shortfall for RUL.

Bob and Ron discussed the legislative process for NJKI and for higher education in general. Both have testified before the state legislature and met with key representatives.

Bob met with the Library Committee of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, chaired by Dan Fishman. The committee has invited Bob to address the full council at an upcoming meeting. NBFC is interested in learning about how the libraries purchase materials and allocate funds, the NIH mandate, open access, and the repository. Bob will be making a similar presentation for the system-wide Library Advisory Committee.

We discussed the transition to the new Council structure, with a larger number of elected representatives. For the coming budget planning/cancellation cycle, we agreed that a task force comprised of current and new CDC members should be appointed.

NERL activities: NERL is entering negotiations with Elsevier for a new contract. Preliminary information has been distributed. Rutgers search statistics are among the highest of NERL members, and our cost per use is one of the lowest, $3.32 per article.

NERL is investigating participation in the SCOAP3 initiative. (see: http://www.scoap3.org/) This initiative proposes to transition six important journals in high energy physics to open access. Instead of paying publishers, library subscribers would pay the SCOAP3 coalition, which in turn would pay the publishers. We would not likely save money initially, but there are two important benefits: annual price increases may be lower; and articles in these journals would be open access immediately upon publication.

The Committee on Scholarly Communication is to be reinvigorated. The Planning and Coordinating Committee has asked CSC for an update and plans for the coming year. The question of whether CSC should become a council, standing committee or remain as is is being reviewed..

We discussed RUCore and the NIH mandate. A website for faculty is forthcoming. (See http://rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/nih/) Several librarians attended an NIH webcast. CSC and CDC will develop collection development criteria for RUCore. There are questions about the liaisonís role in faculty submissions to RUCore and NIH. There were questions about ETDís regarding when they will appear in

Kevin reported on a collection analysis project that he is working on with Gracemary and others. They are reviewing ten years of acquisitions and circulation data, and initial findings indicate that materials in the arts and humanities are circulating. Systems staff is working with the group to develop scripts to further this collection analysis project.

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