Minutes of March 19, 1998 Meeting

Ron Becker; Ben Beede; Veronica Calderhead; Howard Dess; Ellen Gilbert; Peter Graham; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Kevin Mulcahy; Jim Nettleman; Robert Sewell, conducting; Jane Sloan; Addie Tallau.

Handouts: Budget Requirements - Collections (3/17/98)

1. AUL Report.

VALE. The decision on choice of database search engine will be made by the VALE committee on March 20. OVID and OCLC's SiteSearch are being considered for access to the databases of choice, ABI Inform, Periodical Abstracts, and PsychInfo. Members of SACCDM who had participated in the review did not find SiteSearch an acceptable substitute for OVID for PsychInfo. The value-added features make more sophisticated searching necessary. But the committee thought that it would be acceptable for the other two databases. Sewell pointed out the political advantages to Rutgers to commit to VALE including: access to funding for the Technology Bond for computing infrastructure and databases, discounted consortial pricing, establishing a coherence group of New Jersey academic libraries with the support of their administrations that can lobby the legislature for electronic resources and infrastructure in the future.

The Budget Office has entered almost all of the payment records into Unicorn for current periodicals. By late April there will be enough information in Unicorn to begin scheduling training sessions for selectors and others needing financial reports.

2. Acquisitions.

A large number of orders have been received. End processing is being postponed until orders are placed. Orders are being separated and orders from state funds are being processed before those from non-state funds. The orders for purchases from the diversity funds have been received and are being processed.

3. Systems.

In order to do electrical work, remove the Geac computer, and rearrange the computer room, Systems has tentatively scheduled downtime for Wednesday, May 27 and Thursday, May 28. This is pending availability of electricians for those days. IRIS, Innopac, and the library web pages will be unavailable and notice will be placed on the pages a month in advance.

The Systems web page has an updated list of Windows95 installations, projects, and works-in- progress. It is accessible from Technical and Automated Services at <www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rulib/ >. Unicorn98 is the next Unicorn software update and it will be installed in the test system within the month. The staff interface will move from Infoview to Workflows which is true Windows and it should be tested and ready for installation by summer.

4. Discussion of the Report of the Libraries Long Range Planning Committee.

Sections of the report in draft form were presented. A lengthy discussion followed. The final report will have three components: a narrative setting the vision of the Libraries and statements of principles; a statement on goals and activities for the next five years (the scope of the plan); and three budget requirement statements for collection development, facilities, and staffing. Sewell distributed the draft statements on "Budget Requirements - Collections" and the Goals and Activities. He described their context within the overall document. Comments on developing collections and the goals can be sent to Bob via email. Open forums will be held in the libraries to discuss the draft report during the few weeks. [3/16/98 Draft Report of the Long Range Planning Committee is available at URL: http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/ ~jeboyle/ lrptop.htm Updated drafts will follow.]

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 15.

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