Minutes of May 21, 1998 Meeting

Ron Becker; Ben Beede; Veronica Calderhead; Howard Dess; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Kevin Mulcahy; Jim Nettleman; Bob Sewell, chair; Addie Tallau, Rhonda Marker (visitor).

Handouts: Database use statistics; information on EBSCO's Academic Search FullTEXT Elite and UMI Proquest Direct Academic Library, List of Core Reference Works to be archived at CRL

1. AUL Report.

Consortia Update:

-VALE funds have been delayed and will probably not be released until the next fiscal year. The State Library has $100,000 which it will put towards the support of SiteSearch. Bob stressed the political importance of VALE, showing the state that NJ academic libraries can work together and develop a credible plan for networking and sharing electronic resources. ABI/Inform and CINAHL are the selected VALE databases. When funding is available more databases will be added. [Since the meeting there has been an important VALE development: The Technology Advisory Committee of the Commission on Higher Education recommended the initial funding of the VALE project in the amount of $500,000 of Bond money. VALE can now move forward with the initial steps of our plan-- the mounting of shared databases, servers and the limited purchase of web pc's. This is in addition to the $100,000 from the State Library.]

-Bob attended the NERL meeting in New York. NERL is developing principles on licensing which will be incorporated into the RUL policy. NERL is considering full text databases from either UMI or EBSCO and demonstrations and trials will be scheduled. Ovid Periodical Abstracts would be replaced by one of these databases. LEXIS/NEXIS is being considered by NERL but it would be expensive for Rutgers and has been rejected by NYU and Columbia. The Statistical Universe may be available as part of NERL. ABC/CLIO's Historical Abstracts and American History and Life are not yet available on the Web. INSPEC may also be available through NERL and both Ovid and Institute of Physics provide the database. Web of Science is also being considered but is very expensive. The Networked Electronic Resources subcommittee will meet on Friday, May 29 to review requests for new or replacement electronic resources.

Budget Update:

-Since Unicorn financial records are not up-to-date, the balances are not accurate for individual fund codes. The Library Budget Office is about one month behind in processing invoices. He and Nancy Hendrickson are reviewing the University accounting reports daily. The cash balance seems high right now because of delays in processing in the Budget Office but feels relatively certain we will zero out without much difficulty by the end of the fiscal year.

New Brunswick new journal title requests have been received but none have been received from Camden or Newark. Those should be sent to Bob for information for the collections budget request.

Requests for big ticket items are being sent to Bob in case we are underspent and need to order some expensive items quickly. But this scenario is unlikely. In any case, it will be useful for future planning to have this wish list on hand.

The Long Range Plan was reviewed at the Faculty Council Library Committee and two resolutions were passed in support of the document goals.

CRL has developed a list of core reference titles (directories, BPI, etc.) which will permit member libraries to withdraw back runs of those titles with the assurance they will be available from CRL. SACCDM recommends moving CRL to a more prominent position on libraries Web pagesfirst page of the list of catalogs.

Bob Sewell is planning a Seminar in July on managing collections budgets for selectors, CD coordinators and other interested people.

2. Systems Report.

Ann Montanaro distributed the Database Use statistics for April. The Ovid databases show a marked decline in use.

Electrical work needs to be done in the Computer Room and Geac equipment needs to be removed. As a result, IRIS, the library web pages, and Innopac will be unavailable on Wednesday and Thursday, May 27 and 28.

Reports training has been postponed because there is preliminary training which needs to be conducted before Report training can begin. Everyone using Reports needs to understand how the database is constructed, which fields are searchable online, and which fields can be used to construct meaningful reports. Following basic searching and database training in July, reports training should be available by August.

3. Free Trials:

A discussion followed about how to provide free trials for electronic resources. The following decisions were made:

a. The trial will be accepted is it is long enough to be used, preferable 3 months, and the product is one that would be purchased if the trial is acceptable.

b. The trial can be set up by a selector unless it involves a license agreement or IP checking. Those must go to Bob Sewell to be set up.

c. The trials should be made available though the libraries web pages in the alphabetical list of databases and in a separate page to be developed listing all current trials, including information on the time frame of the trial and the selector who initiates the trial and is responsible for compiling the results of the evaluation of the product. No cataloging record should be put in IRIS during the trial.

d. An electronic evaluation form should be developed to aid NERS in determining which products to consider for purchase.

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