Minutes of October 15, 1998 Meeting

Ron Becker, Ben Beede, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, Harriette Hemmasi, Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy, Bob Sewell (Chair), Jane Sloan, Addie Tallau

Handouts: How to Recommend Networked Resources, Collections Annual Report 1998, 1998 Collections Expenditure Report, Priorities in Acquisitions Department; Statement on 1998-99 Fund Allocations, SACCDM Report: 1998-99 Cancellations (October 12, 1998), 1999 Cancellations (New Brunswick, Newark, Camden-RGS), 1999 Cancellations by Library, Fund, Title -Howard Dess

  1. Draft Form for How to Recommend Networked Resources:
    A new form, reflecting new procedures for recommending/ordering networked resources that require institutional registration, prepared by Harriette Hemmasi, Jeanne Boyle, and Bob Sewell, was discussed. The form, which will be online, will be used for all recommendations/orders for networked resources and should routinize and speed up the process. The forms will be submitted to Harriette Hemmasi, AULTAS. A distinction is made between orders that are 1. free, trails or acquired from a selector's funds and 2. orders that require central funding, i.e., expensive database purchases. The AULTAS, or her designee, will do initial processing for such things as checking links, institutional registration, license review, etc. If central funding is required or price or license negotiations are necessary, the request/order will be sent to AULCDM. If these things are not required, the order will be handled as a "routine" acquisition. An acquisitions-like record in Unicorn (staff-side) will be created to chart the progress of the acquisition and implementation of the resource.

    A few changes in the form were agreed to and will be made. The form and new procedures will be discussed at the next SACOPS meeting.
  2. AULCDM report:
    1. 1998 Collections Annual Report: Highlights included the completion of the Libraries long-range plan, "The Bridge to the Future"; implementation of three major full-text journal packages: IDEAL, Project Muse, and JSTOR; a substantial drop in volumes added to the collection as compared to the last two years; and total expenditures for collections and binding of $6,583,712, which divided into the following: $5.2 million from the collections base (state) allocation (equal to all fixed costs expenditures), $791,757 from temporary funding, and $556,082 from gifts and endowments. $627,838 was spent on networked electronic resources. Sewell also distributed a detailed breakdown of 1998 Collections Expenditures he prepared which shows expenditures by campus and central budgets for serials, monographs, binding, and other (retroserials and ILL) that are further subdivided by broad subjects where relevant.
    2. Preservation Task Force: Sewell is writing the charge for this important task force which will focus on preservation issues in all formats, reflecting one of the top three priorities of SACCDM for 1998-99.
  3. Acquisitions Report– Jane Sloan:
    Acquisitions has caught up on orders. Jane and Nancy Hendrickson have developed general, uniform guidelines for order types "subscriptions" and "recurring"to address problems of monographic series packages, especially as related to government documents and world agencies. Acquisitions will begin to receive and check-in World Bank materials in addition to these types of monographic publications ordered for the Alexander Library that are already handled in this fashion. Jane distributed a statement on Priorities in the Acquisitions Department, which was discussed.
  4. Systems Report– Ann Montanaro:
    One of two microcomputer positions was filled, the other should be filled shortly. Dave Hoover is spending most of his time on bringing up VALE databases, which should take place November 15. Improvements in ProQuest access are being made.
  5. 1998-99 Allocations:
    Allocations will be made based on the collections money (state funds) we have in hand now, which is the same as last year. Possible additional funding may not be know until December. The group decided to begin work on scenarios that will account for the $250,000 in serials inflation that has not yet been addressed in case the additional funding does not come. The allocations will be distributed to the New Brunswick libraries in two broad categories, sciences and social sciences/humanities, instead of to specific libraries as had been the case in the past. Nancy Hendrickson is preparing fund allocation forms for the three campuses.
  6. 1998-99 Cancellation Report:
    Sewell's detailed report on the cancellations carried out so far was discussed. A few changes in the wording were suggested and a revised report will be distributed. The report included a list of all canceled subscriptions detailing which libraries canceled them, if an electronic version was available, if the print copy was the last in the system, and the location of remaining paper subscriptions of the canceled title, if any. Sewell is preparing a brief (one page) narrative report with the same list of canceled subscriptions for the university community. It will be posted on the Libraries homepage pending Cabinet approval.

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