Minutes of March 18, 1999 Meeting

Veronica Calderhead; Howard Dess; Bonita Grant (for Ron Becker); Ann Montanaro, recorder; Jim Nettleman; Robert Sewell, conducting and editing; Jane Sloan; Addie Tallau.

Handouts: 1999 State Funds Balance by Campus as of 3/12/99; Charge to Libraries' Budget Advisory Committee; Database Use Chart 1998-1999 (through Feb.); Draft Monograph Order Request Form and New or Back Issue Serials Order Request Form; RU Online Working Guidelines; Collection Strategies for FY2000; Single Title Print Subscriptions - 25 Most Expensive and Packages and Indexes - 25 Most Expensive; Models for Science/Tech Serials Budget.

  1. AULCDM Report:
    • There has been a $150,000 permanent increase to base collections budget, a combination of RUL permanent salary savings and matching funds from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    • Fund raising through the Parents Phonothon has been expanded for the first time this year to parents of sophomores and juniors. This new effort may increase the fund by $200,000 for next year's non-state budget.
    • 1999 State Fund Balances as of 3/12/99 were review.
    • Libraries Budget Advisory Committee has been named with the charge to advise the University Librarian on an appropriate five year budget strategy. There will be 4 meetings beginning March 19. The committee's report is due April 15.
    • An Annex collection count report prepared for Risk Management shows 108,059 items; 81,000 books and 26,000 serials. Further investigation will need to be made to identify from which libraries these items were transferred from in order to reflect current holdings in New Brunswick libraries.
    • Collection Development and Management Council in FY2000:
      The new council representation will have three elected members representing arts and humanities, social sciences, and science; collection development coordinators from each campus (3); representatives from Systems, Acquisitions, and Special Collections; special appointments as needed; and the other two AULs.

    • Ways of improving communication among selectors was reviewed and suggestions included teleconferences, threaded discussions, and periodic general meetings of all selectors.
  2. Systems Report.
    Ann distributed the Database Use Statistics. She announced Mark Witteman's resignation and the open line for the Unix administrator. The Unicorn 99.4 upgrade has been completed. She will investigate getting use statistics for the databases not yet included on the report - Dow Jones, CWI, CIAO, Digital Dissertations.
  3. Acquisitions Report.
    Jane reported that the process for handling gifts has been changed and that all gifts should now be sent to the Catalog Department. To facilitate the processing of orders, other staff members in TSB are being trained to input orders. She presented revised order request forms and requested they accompany all orders.
  4. The committee discussed the working guidelines for use of RU-ONLINE and did not have any additional recommendations.
  5. The document Collection Strategies for FY2000 was discussed. The Web of Science will be coming in the summer and we hope to have a link to full-text holdings by fall. ISI Document Delivery service is projected for January 2000. All serial cancellations must be completed by September, 1999. Without additional funding, the target amount to be canceled is $827,000. Bob Warwick and Mark Witteman have each created reports which can be used to assist with cancellations. Mark's report shows duplication within New Brunswick and Bob's shows almost 600 titles which have RU-ONLINE and at least two other holdings.

    Strategies need to be developed to review duplication, core lists of essential journals, and the most expensive titles.

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