Minutes of April 15, 1999 Meeting

Ron Becker; Jeanne Boyle; Veronica Calderhead; Howard Dess; Harriette Hemmasi; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Jim Nettleman; Robert Sewell, conductor and editor; Jane Sloan.
Ben Beede, Addie Tallau

Handouts: Use of the Electronic Access Field and RU-Online in IRIS Records (HH); Database Use, 1998-1999 (through March) (AM); Five Year Budget Plan for Collections: A Modest Proposal (RS); Rutgers University Libraries' Collection Development Strategies (RS); Networked Resources Evaluation/Selection Teams (AULs); RUL Plan for Collection Support for the 13 Strategic Areas of Academic Growth at Rutgers (RS); Printout of prototype of the new RUL home page.

  1. AULs Report.
    Bob announced:

    The libraries have received additional funds in the amount of $137,325. The money comes from library salary savings and matching funds.

    A trial of Grove Dictionary of Art will begin next week for one month. The Oxford Analytica Business and Economic Database is being reviewed by the business librarians.

    Harriette announced:

    The trial offers full text access to all EBSCO titles that reside on their server. If we subscribe to the free part of their service, we would have access thru EBSCO to only those titles which are free and reside on their server. Otherwise, we will need to negotiate with individual providers/publishers -- as we are currently doing.

    The "Use of the Electronic Access Field and RU-ONLINE in IRIS Records" was distributed. There was discussion about the following statement: "The 856 field will be added to any cataloging record at the discretion of the cataloger or at the suggestion of another RUL librarian. For resources that fall within the definition of RU-ONLINE, the cataloger will add a combination of 856 and RU-ONLINE to a record. For resources that do not fall within the definition of RU-ONLINE, the cataloger will add an 856 with a qualifying note, Related material available on the World Wide Web at: http://. . .'"
  2. Acquisitions Update–
    Jane reported that, for the first time, orders are being returned to selectors who submit orders on non-state funds which are 100% encumbered. The reason for this is that non-state funds represent specific accounts which cannot be overspent. State funds are really one large account which we subdivide by fund codes to keep track of how we spend our money. Reallocating funds within state funds is not difficult. The cut-off of non-state funds affected funds for which there are still no allocations and a small number which were actually 100% encumbered. This new policy was announced to the campus library directors when it went into effect.

    Howard announced that the New Brunswick Fund Code Committee is working on revisions of both state and non-state fund codes in an attempt to reduce the number of codes and to weed unnecessary codes. Any changes which have systemwide implications will need to be reviewed by SACCDM.
  3. Systems Update– Ann Montanaro
    Ann distributed the monthly database statistics. The Contemporary Women's Issues database has only one user and there has been a lot of rejections this month and another user may be needed. Ideal continues to have occasional problems with a server down or slow response time. When those are reported Ann will send an announcement directly to SACOPS.
  4. Five Year Budget Plan for Collections: A Modest Proposal– Bob Sewell
    The Libraries Budget Advisory Committee had its final meeting and is now preparing a report. Bob distributed and discussed a budget request he prepared for the committee: "Five Year Plan for Collections: A Modest Proposal." The plan includes base increases to the state budget as follows: 5% increase for annual serials inflation (the difference between actual inflation and this amount will be made up through cancellations), cost of converting current print journals to electronic, the cost of an annual subscription to the Web of Science, annual increases of $200,000 for core book acquisitions, annual increases of $150,000 for new databases, and annual increases of $200,000 for "excellence," targeting the 13 areas of academic growth identified in the university's strategic plan. A fund, created through serial cancellations to subsidize commercial document delivery of article in journals not available at Rutgers, will be established. The request includes money for the one-time purchase of a five year backfile for the Web of Science. The Libraries will strive to increase it gift and endowment accounts by $50,000 each year. The committee received the proposal favorably.
  5. Review of Serials (i.e., Cancellation Plan)--
    Even if the budget proposal as outlined above is fully approved, we still need to prepare for cancellations. The serials cancellation target for 1999-2000 is $327,000 based on projected inflation and the need to establish a fund for subsidized article purchase (commercial doc. delivery).

    The cancellation process will include developing core lists of titles that should not be canceled and examining duplication lists. There was agreement that once an online journal is available, the location of the remaining paper copy is not significant, but there was some concern about canceling all paper copies if there is an online equivalent. Howard is working on a core list of science journals using the "Benson" list and ISI impact data. Veronica will have a core list of titles prepared for the social sciences based on ISI impact data. Bob will investigate purchasing a ISI CD-ROM on arts and humanities citations impact data to assist in the preparation of the core list for the arts and humanities.
  6. Collections Planning–
    In addition to planning for cancellations, the following areas were discussed:
    1. Strategies:
      Bob distributed "Rutgers University Libraries' Collection Development Strategies." It is a succinct statement (one page) of overall collections strategies which RUL currently and will continue to employ to develop collection over the next five years. The committee endorsed the statement. It will be widely publicized in the near future.
    2. Networked Resources Evaluation and Selection:
      A draft of "Networked Resources Evaluation/Selection Teams," prepared by the AULs, was distributed and discussed. Three teams were described: a Rapid Response Team to quickly respond to time limited offers of new electronic databases; Subject Teams in Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology and Social Sciences to provide continuous review and evaluation of current and newly available databases in subject specific areas; and a Generalist Team to provide continuous review and evaluation of current and newly available databases that are of a general, multi-disciplinary nature. The teams will replace NERS and will be established when the new Councils replace the SACs this summer. The document will be discussed at SACOPS.
    3. Planning for Collections Support of the 13 Strategic Areas:
      Bob's draft of the "RUL Plan for Collection Support for the 13 Strategic Areas of Academic Growth at Rutgers" was distributed. The document lists the 13 areas and the departments that are associated with them. Most of these areas are inter- and multi-disciplinary. It is important to identify what fields are involved and how they interact to define these fields, and the kinds of material that are needed to support them.
  7. Collection Descriptions for Library Brochure and Web Pages–
    Jeanne asked for people to write collection descriptions. For a new brochure, larger libraries should contribute two paragraphs, smaller units will have one paragraph. The new web presentation has a section on "libraries and collections" and help is needed to get the text ready by early June. These descriptions can be more lengthy than the descriptions for the brochure. Howard will gather the New Brunswick statements. All statements should be sent to Bob before the next SACCDM meeting on May 20.

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