Minutes of May 20, 1999 Meeting

Ron Becker; Ben Beede; Jeanne Boyle; Veronica Calderhead; Howard Dess, Harriette Hemmasi; Lonnie Johnson; Ann Montanaro; Jim Nettleman; Robert Sewell, conducting; Jane Sloan; Addie Tallau.

Handouts: Resolution of the New Brunswick Faculty Council (May 8, 1999); Impact of Not Loading RUL Cataloging Records into OCLC (Discussion Document, 5/6/99); Database Use, 1998-1999 (through April 1999); Elseiver-VALE proposal (5/5/99).

  1. AULs Reports
    • New Exhibition Catalog: Bob circulated a copy of Adventures and Art, the published catalog from the First 100 Years of Printing Exhibit on display from January - April 1999. This beautifully illustrated publication is the most ambitious exhibition catalog ever published by RUL. Its scholarly articles, annotations and illustrations make a significant scholarly contribution to the history of printing.
    • FY99 Collection Budget Balances: Bob reviewed the free balances and cash balances for the FY99 collections budget. The systemwide free balance (expenditures and encumbrances) as of 5/17/99 was $172,694 and the cash balance (expenditures only) was $432,763. The two categories where there were large negative balances (in both the free and cash balances) were in the approval plan and current periodicals funds. There were significant positive balances in expenditures and commitments in monographs (firm orders), non-periodicals, and publisher packages.
    • FY00 Collections Budget Outlook: The collection budget for next year is uncertain but will most likely be the best in years. The New Brunswick Faculty Council passed a resolution recommending increased funding for collections (annual increases of $1,200,000 for the next three years to get RUL's collections budget to the median of public AAU schools, and 8.5% increases for the next seven years to get the budget to be among the top public AAU schools). The Libraries Budget Advisory Committee is also recommending substantial increases over the next five years to support core serials and their conversion to electronic format, core book collections, new databases and additional support for the 13 areas of excellence identified in the university's strategic plan. Subsidized commercial document delivery will be a part of this plan and will be funded though cancellation of serials. Additional funding for the Web of Science will include ongoing funding for the subscription, and possibly the back files to 1989 as a one-time purchase. ISI will probably give us a CDRom copy of Journal Citation Reports once we begin subscribing to Web of Science.

      Nancy Hendrickson and Bob are planning an allocation seminar for selectors and others this summer.
    • Statewide interlibrary loan system: Jeanne Boyle reported on the statewide interlibrary loan project sponsored by the State Library. The software is from Ameritech and will allow sharing catalogs throughout the state and self-initiated interlibrary loan. The work is in progress.
    • 930 Summary Holdings:
      Harriette Hemmasi described the 930 summary holdings clean-up project. Summary holdings need to be added to many titles, and libraries have been given reports of serial titles with current check-in records lacking 930 tags. The Technical Services staff will assist units in the project where needed.
  2. Acquisitions Update
    Jane is working with Blackwells and selectors on revising approval plan profiles. We are trying to tighten up the profiles to increase the precision of the profile: make sure we get the books and reduce the return rate. She and Bob are working on new ways for funding and administering the plan. She is working towards a no-return policy. Pat Adams from Blackwells will be at Rutgers on June 17. Jane presented a "Proposal for using [Blackwells] Collection Manager in Order/Receipt/Catalog Process."
    -- Blackwells paperback discount has been increased from 10% to 15%.
    -- If additional funding is received for "core" monographs as proposed in the budget request, Bob is recommending that most of it go to the expansion of the approval plan.
  3. Systems Update
    Ann distributed the Database Use Statistics. Ideal continues to have server problems and shifts use from their San Jose site to the UK site and back. Since Rutgers has both sites listed in IRIS and on the Web page, Ann does not send notification to users when a site is down. Systems has been working with RLIN for months to work out the details of record loading. It is expected the records for 1997- date will be loaded within the month. Work is being done to prepare for authority work.
  4. Impact of not Loading RUL Cataloging Records into OCLC
    Harriette led a discussion of the impact on not loading RUL cataloging records into OCLC. For many years Rutgers has had a $10,000 state grant to load the current year's cataloging into OCLC, but the funding will not be continued in 1999-2000. The committee felt it was important to keep the Rutgers records in OCLC .
  5. Collections Descriptions:
    For the new Libraries brochure and the Libraries web page, descriptions of collections contained in each RUL library are being prepared. Drafts of New Brunswick libraries' collections descriptions have been prepared and sent to Bob with the exception of Kilmer, Music and East Asian libraries. Descriptions of the Camden and Newark collections have been drafted also.
  6. Collections Planning for Next Year
    1. VALE's proposal for Elsevier's Science Direct:
      The NJIT Vale proposal for Elsevier's Science Direct was reviewed. It is not an acceptable alternative for Rutgers and SACCDM does not support the proposal. The reasons for the rejection were: faculty and students have not expressed the need to have electronic access to the Elsevier journals as they have for other publishers' journals; we don't want to spend more on Elsevier journals; we are opposed to the "packaged" nature of the deal that does not allow selected electronic access to a small number individual titles of interest.
    2. Collections Budget and Cancellation Planning:
      Bob distributed five charts showing expenditures for collections, serials, and subjects broken down by campus and systemwide. The committee discussed the so-called "70/20/10 campus rule" for distribution of both budgets and cancellation targets.

      The cancellations will take into consideration adjustments reflecting inflation and duplication. The working target for systemwide cancellation is $327,000 based on the Libraries Budget Advisory Committee's budget request. However, that figure may be adjusted as we know more. [After the meeting, the following distribution of the cancellation cuts was determined: 72% for New Brunswick; 18% for Newark, 5% for Camden, and 5% from central funds. This breakdown is closer to the actual serials expenditures.]

      The New Brunswick Selectors Group has been working with duplicate serial printouts prepared by Systems to determine how to meet cancellations. A review of expensive duplicate serial titles is needed to determine if an online version is available. There was agreement to work with the other campuses in this process.

      The process of cancellation also involves identifying what should not be canceled, a core list of titles that are essential under any circumstances. One of the ways to determine these titles is to look at ISI citation studies. As an example of this method, Veronica reviewed an article by Janice Kreider from Library Resources and Technical Services (v.43, no. 2, April, 1999), "The Correlation of Local Citation Data with Citation Data from Journal Citation Reports." The author concluded the global information is just as accurate as local citation data. The citation data can be supplemented by shelf counts and faculty input.
  7. Miscellaneous:
    Wiley online titles require three accounts, one for each campus, and individual user logins. As a result, the titles will not be added to IRIS and will not appear on the alphabetical list of ejournals.

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