Minutes of July 27, 1999 Meeting

R. Becker (recorder); J. Consoli; A. Montanaro; ; R. Sewell (chair); J. Boyle; H. Dess; J. Sloan; L. Vazquez; H. Hemmasi
V. Calderhead; J. Nettleman; M. Page; A. Tallau

Handouts: RUL Collection Development Council, 1999-2000; Rutgers University Libraries Proposed Council Membership Prepared by Coordinating Committee for the Consideration and Approval of the RUL faculty at the March 5, 1999 Meeting; Database Use, 1998-1999.

  1. AUL Report
    The Elsevier Science Direct proposal was not accepted. It included a fixed price for print subscriptions (with annual increases on this base for three years); e-access to some journals; index to all Elsevier journals; and credits for document delivery for journal we do not subscribe to. We will ask to have more concessions and to have certain points clarified. Harriette Hemmasi pointed out that many of Elsevier titles have online access to full-text for one year and she and her staff are working on making them available at RUL.

    VALE databases for the coming year: We will continue with ABI Inform, Periodical Abstracts, CINAHL. We are continuing to improve the interface on these locally loaded products.

    There are three titles being offered through VALE we are interested in: Ethnic Newswatch, Encyclopedia Britannica On-Line (EBO), Gale Literature Resource Center. We have decided to go ahead with Ethnic Newswatch, which we already subscribe to through VALE we get a greatly discounted price; and Encyclopedia Britannica On-Line. Gale Literature Resource Center is highly desirable, the price is too high. VALE in trying to renegotiate the price. [Since the meeting, there has been a dramatic drop in price making it possible to acquire it this year.] All three of these resources are offered through remote access only, so there will be no local loading and the interfaces for each are provided by the producer. EBO and Gale Lit. Resource Center have been on the short list the top priority databases for three years.

    We are still waiting to hear about this year's collections budget. We should hear in August.

    Robert Sewell distributed a flyer announcing the upcoming program Everything you Wanted to Know About JSTOR to take place at Montclair State University on August 10th.

    Robert Sewell announced that SCILS intern Lonnie Johnson will be assigned to him for the Fall 99 semester and will attend the Collection Development Council meetings.
  2. Review of Council Operations and Charge
    Robert Sewell distributed a list of Council members and a schedule of meetings (third Thursday of each month, 9:30-12). The charge to the Council was reviewed. One key part of the charge was discussed at length: elected members of the council are responsible to the groups that elected them. A special responsibility related the CD council, we be for the elected members to be chairs of networked electronic resources evaluation/selection subject teams (sciences, social sciences, humanities). There will also be a generalist team concerned with multi-disciplinary and general reference sources. We will forgo the rapid response team at first. The teams will respond quickly to proposals for ordering new resources and conduct ongoing reviews of current databases. All databases under consideration, including future VALE databases, will also go through this process. We will add the option to indicate the desire for a trial on the networked resources form.
  3. Acquisitions Update
    Jane Sloan reported that we are now ordering on the FY00 budget. It was noted that expertise in the acquisition of networked electronic resources will be essential for whoever is appointed as permanent head of acquisitions. Jane Sloan and Robert Sewell will draft a description for the position and distribute it at the next Council meeting.
  4. Systems Update
    Ann Montanaro distributed database use statistics for the entire 1998/99 fiscal year. She reported that we will be replacing virus checking software on all PC's. Karen Oster has been appointed administrator for the Unicorn system replacing Mark Witteman. Ms. Oster comes to Rutgers from Carnegie-Melon University, where she had 3 years of experience with SIRSI, and will begin her work here on August 9th.
  5. Goals and Work Plan for the Coming Year
    Last year's goals for the Standing Advisory Committee on Collection Development and Management were:
    • To plan for cataloging all RUL resources
    • To develop a budget plan that complemented the university's strategic plan
    • To develop a system-wide preservation plan
    In the area of cataloging, Harriette Hemmasi costed out a retrospective conversion plan and compiled lists of material with no cataloging. She concluded that we will need to develop priorities in order to recon between 750,000 and 1,000,000 items.

    After much discussion, the Council developed the following possible goals for the coming year. They will be developed further and prioritized at the next Council meeting:
    1. Prioritize collection development activities:
      1. Collection evaluation and user assessment
      2. Prioritize subject collections in relation to the university's strategic plan and prioritize development efforts for collections space (weeding and moving)
      3. Help review and prioritize uncataloged material for cataloging
    2. Improve electronic resources selection and procedures:
      1. Establish networked electronic resources teams
      2. Review CDs for networked availability
    3. Develop systemwide preservation plan for all formats
    4. Create more subject resource guide
    5. Develop and implement document delivery plan by Jan. 2000
    6. Revise and implement NEW approval plan
    7. Evaluate and revise SIRSI acquisition module to improve management information
  6. Serials Review Process Update Cancellation lists are being prepared for the sciences. The humanities and social sciences groups have been meeting and will be recommending that monograph purchases be cut to enable us to cancel fewer journal titles. Camden has completed its cancellation.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Becker

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