Minutes of August 19, 1999 Meeting

Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Joe Consoli, Howard Dess, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page, Bob Sewell, Jane Sloan, Addie Tallau, Lourdes Vazquez
Harriette Hemmasi, Ann Montanaro
  1. AUL report - Bob Sewell
    Mary Page was welcomed as an appointed member.

    There is no word yet on the budget. Bob made three points about non-state funds:
    • Around $790,000 is being carried over from last year. This represents a multi-year accumulation and includes some commitments.
    • The average annual interest on endowed funds is around $260,000. The interest rate is 4.5%.
    • New gift funds, including phonothon, received each year amount to about $430,000.
    For 1999/2000, we will have at least the same base budget of $5.3 million plus ICI funds of $200,000. We also expect a small amount for diversity, i.e., about $10-20,000.
  2. Acquisitions and systems update - Jane Sloan
    Collection Manager now contains all fund codes. All plus codes are now on the NRUT profile and can be viewed in Collection Manager. The current breakdown is by building. Jane will distribute an explanation of the codes and implications. Hyphen codes now need to be reviewed to cut down duplication in the numbers of forms received and to smooth receipt. The Approval Plan Committee will manage this review. Those with book profiles who also get forms need to remember that titles on forms that seem on target for their subject may be unsuitable for other reasons, e.g., reprint, textbook, etc.

    Bob reported for systems that Armen Varjabedian has resigned to accept a position with university computing and that Karen Oster, Sirsi systems administrator, has arrived.

    Bob reported that New Brunswick is allocating 60% of last year's allocation amounts so purchasing can begin. Amounts that match expenditures for subscriptions last year have been encumbered in Sirsi.

    The draft description for the head of Acquisitions position was discussed. The Acquisitions Librarian Study Group was created to review the position in more detail. Members are Ron Becker, Veronica Calderhead, Joe Consoli, Mary Page, and Jane Sloan, who will chair. An update will be given at the September 16 Council meeting, and the review is to be completed October 1.
  3. Cancellation updates: Newark - VC, New Brunswick - HD, MSP, Camden - JN
    New Brunswick will be completed in a few days; Newark is about half completed; Camden was completed a month ago.
  4. Networked resources evaluation/selection teams
    Bob distributed and reviewed a revised document and criteria. Each elected representative will identify two or three librarians to work with them on a regular basis. They may wish to add additional members depending on the titles that come along. There was discussion of the recommendation route. The second paragraph of page two was amended to read:
    • Recommendations by teams will be forwarded to the AUL/CDM, who will make final decisions on purchases of networked resources requiring central funds in consultation with the CD Council or the Library Administration, as appropriate.

      A paragraph requiring all teams to give feedback to selectors was added at the bottom of page one:
    • Teams will keep individual selectors informed of progress on titles they have requested.
    The first sentence of the document was amended to read: The evaluation and selection of networked electronic resources has become a significant task in collection development for the Rutgers University Libraries as a system.

    Bob and Jeanne will initiate formation of the generalist team.

    The document was accepted as amended and will be posted to the staff resources web page with other documents about acquisition of networked resources. Bob will meet with the team chairs in September.
  5. Statistical Universe Proposal
    Statistical Universe is a networked electronic resource that includes American Statistical Index, Statistical Reference Index, and the Index to International Statistics. The proposal was distributed before the meeting by email. Users in libraries where there is no printing from networked resources will be inconvenienced. The full-text portion is for only 40% of the fiche, and we need to investigate further the full text offering before acquiring it. After intense negotiation, the following compromise recommendation was reached:
    • The networked version of Statistical Universe will be acquired and made available everywhere
    • One set of the annual paper volumes for all three titles will be acquired and placed at Alexander Library as an archival resource for the system
    • All other paper indexes will be canceled
    • Alexander Library will continue to acquire the microfiche for ASI (non-depository) and SRI.
    The networked version of Statistical Universe will be paid for by funds from the paper index cancellations. Any overage will be added to the central electronic fund and used to acquire additional resources. It was decided not to get a trial (offered for staff access only), but to acquire the resource and make it immediately available on our public trial page while documentation is being developed. Mary Fetzer is the selector.
  6. Other possible print/e-resources tradeoffs:
    • Web of Science: We are 95% certain WOS is coming. Mary Page and Howard Dess have identified savings from paper and CD cancellations. Bob will ask ISI why we need to retain Current Contents, and we will review their response to determine if Current Contents will be continued.
    • Gale's Literary Resource Center (Contemporary Authors, Dictionary of Literary Biography, Contemporary Literary Criticism): We are getting this via VALE, and it will be accessed directly from the producer. The Contemporary Literary Criticism section may not include all three parts. We currently pay more than $14,000 for the print editions.
    • The Encyclopedia Britannica will become available through VALE, and it will be accessed directly from the producer
    • Ovid's Biomedical Core Collection: The cost for five licenses is $19,520, and our paper equivalent, including titles supported by the medical school, is $8,250. There are many questions about funding for this collection.
  7. Collection Management weeding projects and getting our houses in order
    Joe Consoli reported on the project to weed the reference collection at Douglass. Many librarians and staff are involved. The goal is to have a general undergraduate reference collection with specialties in women's studies and performing arts. The collection is being reduced 30-35% overall.

    Addie Tallau reported that a project to weed LSM reference is about half completed.

    Librarians planning D21 will be invited to a future meeting.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle
August 23, 1999

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