Minutes of September 30, 1999 Meeting
Minutes of Meeting of September 30, 1999
(postponed from September 16, 1999, the day Floyd hit)

Becker, Beck, Boyle, Calderhead (recorder), Dess, Hemmasi, Page, Sewell (Chair), Nettleman, Sloan
Ann Montanaro, Joe Consoli, Addie Tallau, and Lourdes Vazquez
  1. AUL/CDM Report:
    1. New Membership: Susan Beck, Chair of the Generalist Networked Resources Evaluation/Selection Team is now a member of the Collection Development Council.
    2. The membership for all of the Networked Resources Evaluation/Selection Teams is complete. The members are: Arts and Humanities Team: Joe Consoli (Chair), Brian Hancock, Kevin Mulcahy Generalist Team: Susan Beck (Chair), Natalie Borisovets, Myoung Wilson Science Team: Veronica Calderhead, Helen Hoffman, Addie Tallau (Chair) Social Science Team: Ka-Neng Au, Rebecca Gardner, Lourdes Vazquez (Chair), Ryan Womack
      (For more information see: Networked Resources Evaluation/Selection Teams )
    3. Demonstration of Early English Books Online will take place Oct. 6, 10 am in the Pane Room at Alexander Library. RUL may consider getting a trial.
    4. President Lawrence's 9/15/99 Letter on new initiatives in the University. The Libraries were prominently featured with the announcement of both a substantial increase to the base budget as well as one-time supplemental funds. The permanent increase represents the first increase to the base collections budget in the 1990s. This is a positive sign, providing strong foundation to begin the Libraries five-year plan, the Digital Library Initiative.
    5. A letter from Prof. Fisher, Chair of the Committee on Standards and Academic Priorities (CSPAD), was distributed. CSPAD thanks RUL for finding the funds needed to buy Web of Science and five years of its back-files.
    6. Two research collections are being acquired by RUL. The Martin Diamond Collection and the Elaine Showalter Collection. The Diamond Collection is a special collection of American Art materials, specifically the first half of the 20thC. The materials include books and journals, art works, and an archival collection consisting of exhibition catalogs, art brochures, letters, manuscripts. The collection, which is being jointly purchased by RUL and the Zimmerli Art Museum, will be split amongst the Zimmerili, Art Library and Special Collections. Elaine Showalter (currently of Princeton, formerly of Rutgers) has donated a large collection of monographs representing works by and about British, women authors of the 19th C. Rare materials will be housed in Special Collections. Included are some first editions and reading copies of the era. There was related discussion on collection space issues in N.B. and in Special Collections and University Archives.
    7. A draft of Cabinet Goals 2000, reflecting the advancement of the Digital Library Initiative, was distributed and discussed.
    8. NJ ILL Ameritech system: Jeanne Boyle gave an overview of the implementation schedule for the. This integrated system follows Z39.40 protocol to provide statewide borrowing and lending. Current status is lending only for RUL.
  2. Systems Update (HH for AM).
    1. There is a shortage of space on the TSB server. HH has asked if all of the backfiles of Current Contents are needed since it is a current awareness service. The Council agreed to drop 1994-1996. In a related development, discontinuing the current subscription to Current Contents because the Web of Science will soon be available. (CC is a subset of WoS and displays differently bu source material is the same.) It was recommended that CC be continued through Dec. 1999 and then stopped. WoS should be available in November.
    2. Database usage stats were distributed.
  3. Acquisitions Update (JS).
    1. Mentioned that the form profiles became out of sync since the book profiles have been re-worked. This is being addressed.
    2. Joe Consoli has studied the return rate on the current approval plan. The returns are down.
    3. JS gave the synopsis of the Acquisitions Librarian sub-committee. The main point was that a rotating senior level librarian to fill the position was impractical. A better solution would be a high level hiring with accelerated tenure. Reporting structure for the position was also mentioned.
    4. There will be a Workflows workshop on funds monitoring for selectors and others on Nov. 1. More information will be sent by email as well as being posted in The Agenda.
  4. Cancellation Update.
    1. VC provided details of Dana's cancellations - to be formalised within the week. A chart, as compiled by Lonnie provides systemwide information regarding the cancellation submissions from the different units and remaining subscriptions either online or in paper. Please check the chart and submit corrections to Lonnie Johnson (lonnielj@rci).
  5. Funds and allocations for FY2000.
    The breakdown of the $1,000,000 for the Libraries announced in the President's letter is as follows:
    • $700 K to base collections budget
    • $150 K one-time to the collections budget
    • $150 K to smart classroom development (i.e. equipment). Media Services directs this portion of the budget.
    There will also be a continuation of the $9,800 for multicultural purchases. The increase to the base makes permanent the $500 K given to the Libraries in FY1998 and renewed in FY1999, and adds another $200 K. The $150 K will contribute toward the cost of the five-year backfiles of the Web of Science. There will be approximately $1.5 million in non-state funds available in FY2000.

    The total state fund allocations to campus budgets will decrease as the central budget increases to over $1 million Marianne Gaunt and Bob S. are preparing a letter to send to all Rutgers faculty explaining how the funding will be used to further the Libraries five-year plan. Allocations to start soon.

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