Minutes of December 16, 1999 Meeting

Susan Beck; Jeanne Boyle; Veronica Calderhead; Joe Consoli; Howard Dess; Bonita Grant; Harriette Hemmasi; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Mary Page; Robert Sewell; Lourdes Vazquez
  1. AUL Report.
    Bob is holding a Fund Management Workshop on December 20.

    Jane Sloan as Head of Multimedia and Digital Services has been invited to attend CDC.

    A meeting was held with Elsevier to review their proposal for Science Direct. The price is too high and the proposal was rejected.

    The New Brunswick Faculty Council Library Committee's charge for the year involves seeking better understanding of the process of allocation of funds for collections and to formulate a mechanism for faculty to have collegial and supportive input into the process. CDC discussed ways of improving communication with departments.

    Bob distributed summaries of the University's strategic plan (1995) and implementation progress reports (1996, 1998, 1999). The summaries attempt to track the progress of the Academic Growth Areas outlined in the 1995 strategic plan. Changes in categories and directions from the original strategic plan were noted. The reports should, however, help in formulating collection and budgeting planning.

    He also distributed a spreadsheet on FY 2000 Collections Budget, showing the total state and non-state allocations to the campuses and the systemwide/central budgets. Camden and systemwide/central budgets have been allocated to the fund code level and have been entered into Unicorn. New Brunswick state funds should be completed by December 23 and the non-state funds in January. About 88% of the total RUL collections budget is already committed (encumbrances and expenditures), leaving about $740,000 in the free balance.
  2. Acquisitions Update.
    Harriette reported that orders for New Brunswick are temporarily being held until allocations are reviewed. Priority orders for Reserve items are being processed.

    Processing is investigating ways of producing spine labels using new hardware. The characters on the first examples were not clear and labels are being produced on the typewriter until the problems are resolved.

    Since Jane Sloan has accepted a new position, Harriette Hemmasi will manage the Acquisitions Department until a new librarian is appointed. The job will be advertised and a search committee named in the near future. Harriette will distribute Acquisitions and Cataloging reports at future meetings.
  3. Systems Update.
    Ann distributed the Database Use Statistics. From January 2 to 7 Unicorn will be down. Several changes are being made: the Unicorn software is being upgraded, Authority records are being loaded, the authorized bibliographic records are being reloaded, and the database re-indexed. Procedures for Y2K contingencies are being distributed and Systems will check the major systems on January 2.
  4. The Committee reviewed questions received from the Training and Development Committee. Bob will submit responses to the committee. It was a surprisingly spirited discussion.
  5. The review of the reports from the Electronic Resources teams was postponed until the January meeting. Bob requested reports be distributed to the council prior to the meeting so the council can have a more informed discussion.

    Other agenda items for the December meeting were also tabled until the next meeting: Last Copy policy and procedures and Networked Electronic Resources Request Forms and related policies and procedures.

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