2000 Collection Development Goals and Accomplishments and 2001 Objectives - September 2000

  1. Prioritize collection development activities:
    1. Collection evaluation and user assessment:
      • Assessment Committee's User Survey 1999 contained questions related to collection and services (Available on the Administration Web page under Committees-Access Committee)
      • Database use statistics supplied by Systems Department (Available on the Administration Web page under Committees-Access Committee)
      • Howard Dess's Impact Factor Studies
      • CDC Forum on Core Collections

      2001 Objective: Develop at least two core serials lists for undergraduate programs

      2001 Objective: Continue and refine efforts to evaluate collections and to assess user behavior in view of changing nature of publication; work with vendors, regional and national groups to improve user statistics so there are more useful to us

    2. Prioritize subject collections in relation to the university's strategic plan and prioritize development efforts for collections space (weeding and moving)
      • Reviewed strategic plan and implementation reports and found them somewhat useful in prioritizing collection development activities
      2001 Objective: In regard to weeding and moving collections, seek further guidance from university and publishing trends; continue to gather data related to duplicate backruns in the Libraries in print, microfilm, and electronic format; develop and begin a systemwide plan to:
      • weed and/or consolidate scatter and discontinued runs into one complete run in one location where the research collection resides;
      • weed other duplicate runs, especially when there is availability on in JSTOR

      2001 Objective: Finalize RUL Gift Policies and Procedures

      2001 Objective: Continue to monitor university statements on strategic plan

    3. Help review and prioritize uncataloged material for cataloging
      • Reviewed and provided input into lists of uncataloged collections developed by AULTAS
      • Brief records are now available for uncataloged books in TSB backlog
  2. Improve electronic resources selection and procedures:
    1. Establish networked electronic resources teams
      • Four teams (general, humanities, science, and social science) were established. Electronic request for resources forms were set up. Several new resources were considered and acquired through this process.
      • TAS hired e-resources staff person

      2001 Objective: Continue refining process

    2. Review CDRoms for networked availability
      • Was done primarily at the unit level

      2001 Objective: Expand review of CDRoms in a more systematic way and for all of RUL

    3. Develop systemwide preservation plan for all formats:
      • Task Force on Preservation Planning was established and report with recommendations will be available early in Fall 2000 semester

      2001 Objective: Increase awareness of preservation issues and begin implementation of recommendations of the Report

    4. Create more subject resource guides:
      • Several new ones were prepared
      • WAC established format guidelines for research guides and identified areas where resource guides are needed

      2001 Objective: Expand number of guides and increase selectors' user education activities (for faculty and students) concerning electronic resources in their areas of expertise

    5. Develop and implement document delivery plan by Jan. 2000
      • Implemented in Summer 2000

      2001 Objective: Monitor effectiveness and cost of Uncover document delivery service and explore other document delivery services

    6. Revise and implement NEW approval plan
      • All profiles were reviewed and updated

      2001 Objective: Investigate pros and cons of complete coverage of selected publishers and implement pilot program if seems effective

    7. Evaluate and revise SIRSI acquisition module to improve management information
      • Nothing was done in this area

      2001 Objective: Selectors need to become more familiar with current capacities of SIRSI's WorkFlows in order to make suggestions for improvements; get Reports module going and have training for it

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