Collection Development Council's Working Group on Collection Development and Management Criteria for Digital Projects: Charge

This working group will develop collection development and management criteria to evaluate digital projects the Libraries may undertake and maintain. The criteria for developing and managing digital projects are similar to general CDM criteria, but have some distinctly new aspects. While there is a growing body of professional literature related to developing digital collections related to technical issues of “sustainability”, but there is little with a CDM focus. Two complementary working groups on Data Architecture and Digital Infrastructure under the aegis of the Technical Services Council are developing standards and criteria in these areas for the Libraries.

Charge: Develop criteria, indicators, and weighting for the evaluation of new and ongoing digital projects to be used in a Digital Projects Request Questionnaire. The working group's report (including a questionnaire outline) should be completed by December 2002. The following are suggested criteria:

  1. Collection Development
    1. Material unique to Rutgers
    2. Content generated at Rutgers but in less accessible format
    3. Material under represented on the internet
    4. Project is part of national or international project
    5. Importance of material to rutgers teaching and research
    6. Impact of project:
      1. Size of potential target population
        • in Rutgers
        • outside Rutgers
      2. Inherent Importance of Project to Field
  2. Collection Maintenance
    1. Lifetime of usefulness of the project
      • Less than 3 years
      • Less than 6 years
      • Less than 10 years
      • More than 10 years
    2. Frequency of need for updating or deleting contents
      • Monthly
      • Every 6 months
      • Every year
      • Every 2 years
      • Static Database

Last updated September 30, 2002
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