Sept. 27 and Nov. 1, 2002 meeting notes

Sept. 27 - R. Becker, Ed Berger, L. Langschied, s. McDonald, A. Montanaro, B. Sewell, J. Still (via teleconference)
Nov. 1 - R. Becker, L. Langschied, s. McDonald, A. Montanaro, B. Sewell, J. Still (via teleconference)

The goals are to develop guidelines and a questionnaire to evaluate digitization projects.

The primary stakeholders are Libraries' faculty and staff, teaching faculty and researchers; secondary stakeholders are students.

Purview of Working Group:

A list of criteria has been established. We are developing weighting for each criterion and how they interact with each other as well as how they will articulate with the technical issues of sustainability that will be developed by DAWG working group.

Grants for digitization projects should be reviewed according to the criteria developed by the two working groups.

Issues of preservation and copyright are important elements in the evaluation process.

The grid below is a schematic representation of the criteria.

The next meeting is Dec. 6, at 9:30. Discussion via email, in-person will go on before meeting.

  Y/N (& ranking?) Impact on RU/others (multiplers) Impact on field (multiplers) Lifetime of usefulness Frequency of need for updating
"Unique" to RU          
Generated at RU          
Under represented on Internet          
RU C collaborative partnership          
Part of regional, national, or international project          
Importance to RU teaching;          
Importance to RU research          
Is material in public domain?          
Are permissions need?          
Do materials require physical preservation before digitizing?          
Is digitization preferred preservation method?          
Has material been arranged and described?          

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