Minutes of September 23, 2010 Meeting

Marc Forster, Maggie Harris-Clark, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Jill Locascio, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Ramon Negron, Brian Stubbs
Zohreh Bonianian, Jennifer Dickerson, Eric Fizur, Helen Funnye, Antoinette Peteet, Jan Reinhart, Joyce Watson


  1. Projects and Priorities for the Group
  2. Access Services Committee Meeting Review
  3. Incident Reports

1) Projects and Priorities for the Group

Website Review and Reorganization: First, the group needs to examine the current web pages and all documents and links for the former groups (Circulation Group, Billing Group, and Security and Facilities Group) and reorganize and integrate them into one web page. How many headers to place on the first page and what to link to at a second level are important to consider. As the documents are reviewed, inventory them for what needs updating. Barry will ask two group members to work on this.

Claims Return Process: We need to look at how we handle claims returns and consider creating a new process. Our focus should be on what are we trying to accomplish, and how can out automated system help us.

Old Patron Records with Bills in IRIS: Do we copy in paper or have Chris Sterback save them in an electronic file? How far back? Our underlying reason for pulling these records is our preparation for OLE. Our current schedule needs to be more aggressive-need to contact current people who have left the University or graduated.

Lost and Found: Complete documentation of procedures.

Training: Identify training needs and bring them to the new Training Group.

Ask a Librarian: Training and standard replies.

Online RA Application Form: Rotate group members in processing applications.

Bad Address Team (Database Maintenance): have in place.

Other Database Cleanups: e.g., cleaning up duplicate user records; assigned to members of the group with deadlines for completion.

Miscellaneous Projects: e.g., updating Honors records.

Billing: Financial holds and diploma holds; daily barred with no charge report; annual crosscheck of the 029 delinquent accounts report; annual billing statistics.

Security: Archive the incident reports; report them in the minutes without names.

Public Services: Look at trends that are developing as we work with the public. Examine RUL Counting Opinions comments regarding circulation services.

Communication: We will use Sakai to examine documents and eventually do some Chat meetings. It is important that we share information with our fellow staff members at our libraries.

2) Access Services Committee Meeting Review

Barry reviewed with the group issues discussed at the September 9, 2010 ASC meeting. Included in the discussion were the diminished relevance of PINs for primary borrowers and the early results of same library/same campus holds.

3) Incident Reports

There have been 12 incident reports since the beginning of July 2010 through September 22, 2010.


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