Minutes of October 28, 2010 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Eric Fizur, Marc Forster, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Jill Locascio, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Brian Stubbs, Joyce Watson
Jennifer Dickerson, Helen Funnye, Maggie Harris-Clark, Shirley Lewis, Ramon Negron, Jan Reinhart


  1. Website Review and Reorganization
  2. ASC Meeting Review
  3. Incident Reports

1) Website Review and Reorganization

Zohreh and Jill presented their draft of a reorganized website. They examined the documents currently residing on the web pages of the former groups (Billing, Circulation, and Security and Facilities), and organized them under the following headers: Procedures, Policies, Forms/Information, Quick Links, and Supplies. At the top of the page are links to purpose statement, members, minutes, reports, and useful links. Zohreh and Jill identified documents that need updating to the J-Client. They questioned whether certain documents need to appear in two places, e.g., the Reserve Request Form. Their draft is available for the group to review under resources on the Circulation and Public Services Group Sakai site.

2) Access Services Committee Meeting Review

Barry presented the discussion on PINs that the Access Services Committee engaged in at its October 14, 2010 meeting. There, Judy Gardner suggested revising our borrower registration, teaching information, and written materials to present the NetID and password as the replacement for the PIN for primary borrowers. The ASC reviewed five Access Services Policy Memos. One notable change in Memo 5-Lost and Damaged Material-will make it clear that the libraries will accept the latest edition of new paperback copy replacements for hardbound books that have been lost or damaged beyond repair.

3) Incident Reports

Seven incidents were reported since the September 23, 2010 group meeting, bringing the total for the year to 19.






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