Minutes of December 16, 2010 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Eric Fizur, Marc Forster, Judy Gardner, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Shirley Lewis, Jill Locascio, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Ramon Negron, Jan Reinhart
Joyce Watson
Jennifer Dickerson, Helen Funnye, Maggie Harris-Clark, Brian Stubbs


  1. Website Review and Reorganization
  2. Relais Update
  3. Billing
  4. Counting Opinions Comments
  5. Incident Reports

1) Website Review and Reorganization

The group discussed Jill and Zohreh’s draft of a reorganized Circulation and Public Services Group website. Their first draft organizes documents culled from the web pages of the former groups (Billing, Circulation, and Security and Maintenance) under the following headers: Procedures, Policies, Forms/Information, Quick Links, and Supplies. Zohreh said another alternative would be to create separate headings for Circulation and Security. Ramon suggested an A to Z format. Dean pointed out that re-titling the documents so that could be more easily found would be helpful. Judy suggested one option would be to standardize titles—maybe give each document a new name-- and organize documents in a “How do I…” frame. She asked that Jill and Zohreh try different combinations in draft, come up with different prototypes for the group to examine.

2) Relais Update

Judy reported on the current status of Relais D2D implementation. D2D stands for “Discovery to Delivery.” Chris Sterback (IIS) has discovered some problems in testing. Voyager sites are operating on the system and have been enthusiastic about it. One notable change is that we will be printing our individual book bands.

3) Billing

Since the Libraries, at the request of Student Financial Services, began placing financial holds on registration and transcripts only in the semester of graduation and not throughout the academic career, billing activity for staff has decreased significantly. Much of the work now done in billing is concentrated on the Delinquent Accounts process. Judy reviewed with the group the work that she and Nita do with Delinquent Accounts. The emphasis now is on following up with users soon after they graduate, leave school, retire, or stop working for the University to make sure that outstanding library material is returned or paid for. New alumni receive courtesy notices informing them of their eligibility for guest borrowing privileges. Judy and Nita reminded the group of the importance of following the information in the PUBNOTEs when they work with users who are in Phase I (users who have been issued a 30-day notice of pending collection agency action) or Phase 2 (users who have not satisfied their obligations after the 30-day warning period and have had their account forwarded to University Delinquent Accounts) of the libraries Delinquent Account process. It is important to remember that users in Phase 2 who come to the libraries need to be told “Your account is no longer with the libraries”; the PUBNOTE for these users has a phone number for them to call. The libraries will accept the return of books from users in Phase 2, but users are informed that additional fees will be charged by Delinquent Accounts. All payments for lost materials need to be done by the Phase 2 user at Delinquent Accounts. Users still in Phase 1 may pay for lost material at the libraries. Whenever a Phase 2 user returns books, an email needs to be sent by staff to Judy and Nita.

The document that details these procedures—“Delinquent Account and Collection Agency Policy and Procedures”—may be currently found at Staff Resources / Access Services / Billing / Procedures. Nita said she would welcome any phone calls from staff who have questions.

Judy emphasized that when users in either Phase 1 or Phase 2 fulfill their obligations, we want to clear their records as soon as possible.

Judy next reviewed with the group new cash transmittal procedures. Beginning Jan 1, 2011 all libraries in New Brunswick/Piscataway will perform a cash transmittal twice a month. The cash transmittals will now be completed by a member of the Administrative Team.

4) Counting Opinions Comments

The group discussed what it had read in the Counting Opinions comments submitted by students, faculty, staff, guests, and the public. It agreed that thought should be given to any concerns expressed to see where improvements in service can be made. What was clear in so many comments was the impact that a helpful, professional, and friendly staff makes for our users.

5) Incident Reports

Twenty-one incidents were reported since the October 28, 2010 group meeting, bringing the total for the year to 40.








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