Minutes of February 17, 2011 Meeting

Eric Fizur, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Jill Locascio, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Brian Stubbs, Joyce Watson
Zohreh Bonianian, Marc Forster, Nita Mukherjee, Ramon Negron, Jan Reinhart
Jennifer Dickerson, Helen Funnye, Maggie Harris-Clark


  1. Website Review and Reorganization
  2. ASC Announcements—Relais D2D Implementation, Revised E-ZBorrow webpage (draft), UMDNJ Courtesy Notices (drafts)
  3. Theft Prevention
  4. Incident Reports
  5. Information Sharing

1) Website Review and Reorganization

Jill reported that she and Zohreh would develop a few additional website reorganization options for the group to review at its March 17th (2 p.m.) meeting.

2) ASC Announcements—Relais D2D Implementation, Revised E-ZBorrow webpage (draft), UMDNJ Courtesy Notices (drafts)

Delayed a few times by software issues, Relais D2D (“Discovery to Delivery”) hopefully will be ready to go during the week of March 14th. Our users will be pleased with the more powerful, streamlined, one-search feature. Another training session will be held for staff on March 10th. The group examined Judy Gardner’s draft of a revised E-ZBorrow webpage. Changes in the document reflect the new E-ZBorrow’s ability to accept the Rutgers NetID instead of the library barcode and the improved searching capability. The group reviewed drafts of courtesy notices for various UMDNJ affiliations written by Judy and Michele Tokar. These notices, similar to ones used for recent alumni borrowers, community borrowers, and VALE users, explain to users how to renew their annual borrowing privileges.

3) Theft Prevention

Barry discussed the recent wave of thefts that had hit Alexander Library. Within a 15-day open period (12/15/10 to 1/5/11), five laptops were reported stolen. Later, a wallet and a textbook disappeared. Brian spoke of RUPD Officer Richard McGilvery’s visit to Alexander. He came by and talked with users at Alexander Library and handed out postcard-size fliers to them reminding them not to leave their valuables unattended when visiting the library. Jeff Teichman’s contact with RUPD regarding these thefts helped solicit a new RUPD poster that Isaiah Beard printed for RUL distribution. The group read Harry Glazer’s news item “Keep Your Stuff Safe in the Libraries” and agreed that it did a good job of explaining to users how important it is for them to protect their personal items. Shirley asked if we could have a presentation by RUPD on theft prevention and security matters.

4) Incident Reports

Thirty-four incidents—a high number—were reported since the December 16, 2010 group meeting, bringing the total for the year to 74. That’s only five shy of the total (79) recorded for the year in 2009/2010.









Information Sharing

Barry— A reminder: Viewing adult pornography on public computers is not grounds for approaching users and asking them to stop viewing or seeking to have users removed from the building. Only the viewing of child pornography is prohibited and grounds for calling RUPD. These policy matters are addressed on the RUL webpage under Public Services Policy Memo 1: Access to Library Resources and Services / Appendix 4: Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries.

Dean— Roof leaks have occurred in the Annex. Staff is busy now with transfers from the East Asian Library and the Douglass Library.

Eric— Construction for a future computer lab at Robeson is ongoing.

Joyce— Dana’s designated Quiet Reading Room has been refurbished with new, comfortable furniture.

Mike— Three-quarters of the stacks have been shifted at the Physics Library.

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