Minutes of March 17, 2011 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Eric Fizur, Marc Forster, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Jill Locascio, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee
Jennifer Dickerson, Helen Funnye, Maggie Harris-Clark, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Ramon Negron, Brian Stubbs, Joyce Watson
Shirley Lewis, Jan Reinhart


  1. Incident Reports
  2. Examine Three Website Versions and their Documents and Links

1) Incident Reports

Five incidents were reported since the February 17, 2011 group meeting, bringing the total for the fiscal year to 79. Last year, there were 79 incident reports filed for the entire year. Barry pointed out to the group that there have been nine thefts reported in the New Brunswick Libraries this year. Last year, the total for the year was 14. An examination of RUPDís Daily Crime Log, available on its website, shows that users are not reporting thefts or other incidents occurring in the libraries directly to RUPD without informing RUL staff. They are instead reporting problems to Access Services staff. Considering the number of libraries on campus and the extent of open hours, nine thefts (though staff wish for the benefit of the users none had occurred) is, in perspective, not a high number. Five of the thefts (all laptops) happened at Alexander Library during a 15-day period in Winter Intersession.


Multiple locations in the old wing were vandalized with graffiti: The graffiti was made by a wide, dark blue marker and is not easy to remove, as the custodianís attempts were unsuccessful. The areas damaged were the menís restrooms on Levels 2A, 2B, and 3, as well as carrels on 2A and 2B. Also damaged were the inside doors on both old wing elevators. Some of the book shelving was also marked. RUPD photographed the graffiti; officers said the style of the markings seemed different from those reported at the Douglass Library two days prior. (Wed, 3/2/11)


Third floor lights would not come on during Sunday hours. The floor was declared inaccessible at sundown. (Sun, 3/6/11)


Non-Rutgers community user, seated at a guest computer, collapsed onto the floor. RUPD and EMS responded quickly. EMS took the user to a hospital. (Thurs, 3/17/11)


Staff member discovered a person writing graffiti on the walls of Lower Level menís restroom. RUPD is called; person vandalizing with graffiti leaves the building before police arrive; description given to RUPD. On Wed 1/26/11, Douglass reported a similar incident to RUPD, although that time no one was seen doing the graffiti. (Mon, 2/28/11)


Laptop reported stolen from a second floor cubicle. Student said he left his laptop at the library at 6 pm to go to Tillett Hall for dinner. He returned at 7:15 pm and the laptop was still there. After spending 40 minutes on the first floor, he returned to his cubicle on the second floor and found his laptop missing. (Tue, 3/1/11)

2) Examine Three Website Versions and their Documents and Links

Jill and Zohreh presented to the group three options that they had created for a new Circulation and Public Services Group website. The group chose version 3 as its favorite. The rest of the meeting was spent examining each document and link to identify those that need revision. Next, the proposed website will be presented to the Access Services Committee for suggestions and approval.

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