Minutes of June 16, 2011 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Jill Locascio, Mike Mansouri, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Gillian Newton, Brian Stubbs, Joyce Watson
Eric Fizur, Marc Forster, Shirley Lewis, Eugene McElroy, Ramon Negron, Jan Reinhart
Jennifer Dickerson, Helen Funnye, Maggie Harris-Clark


  1. Newly hired faculty procedures
  2. Diploma Hold Recap
  3. Theft Prevention Meeting with RUPD Officer Richard McGilvery
  4. Incident Reports

1) Newly Hired Faculty Procedures

Judy Gardner has announced that future dated employees coming through PeopleSoft are now applied to the "People Database" with the role for which they were hired, e.g., Staff or Faculty. This means future dated employees can activate NetIDs before they arrive on campus and/or on payroll. It also means that our proxy server checking LDAP for a current role will recognize their faculty or staff status and allow them to login to the libraries website with NetID.

Once in the system, new faculty are contacted by OIT (letter from Don Smith in NB, they are unique to each campus) with instructions for activating their NetID.

This also means we will start getting faculty and staff records in our weekly patron file before they arrive on campus. All of this is great news for streamlining access to the libraries.

The text on the web under FACULTY SERVICES / Recently Hired? has been updated to now say:

Recently Hired?

As soon as you activate your unique Rutgers identifier, the NetID, use it to login to the Libraries website from off-campus to begin using electronic resources and services.

As soon as you've obtained your RUconnection photo ID card, register your barcode, the 14-digit number beginning '29030' on the back of your card, to activate borrowing privileges. You can register your barcode by visiting or phoning the Circulation Desk of any Rutgers library, or by submitting a "Registering with the Rutgers Libraries" form online.

2) Diploma Hold Recap

In April, courtesy notices were sent out to 156 graduating students who had long overdue material, alerting them to the need to return or pay for material to avoid a hold on their diploma. Thirty-one percent of those students receiving the courtesy notices returned long overdue material or paid for it prior to the placement of the diploma holds. At the beginning of May, 109 diploma holds were placed. Thus far, 76 diploma holds have been cleared.

3) Theft Prevention Meeting with RUPD Officer Richard McGilvery

On June 14th, Judy Gardner, Barry Lipinski, and Jeff Teichmann met with RUPD Officer Richard McGilvery . The focus of the discussion was what can we do to make students aware of the need to protect their property. Alexander Library suffered a wave of five laptop thefts within a 15-day winter intersession period. Then, during the spring exam period in May and into intersession, Alexander suffered another wave of five laptop thefts. During the year, four laptops were stolen at Kilmer Library (two were recovered) and one at Douglass Library.

Theft, the most common crime committed at the University, went up 36% in the New Brunswick libraries in 2011. Of the 22 reported thefts, 15 were laptops. Two wallets were stolen and only one textbook was reported stolen. No cell phones or hand-held devices were reported stolen this year. The virtual absence of textbook theft can be attributed to RUPD's successful program of alerting all local bookstores when a textbook is stolen and the policies of the bookstores to require the presentation of a RUConnection card when someone wishes to bring back a textbook or get money for a used book.

Barry pointed out to Officer McGilvery that the RUPD Annual Report Safety Matters does not give any figures for Theft in its statistical tables. RUPD's daily crime log is available on line and lists every crime reported over the past three months. Looking at those logs revealed 46 thefts on the New Brunswick campus in December, 52 thefts in April, and 29 thefts in May.

Barry also said that while he does not like the fact that 22 thefts occurred in the New Brunswick libraries, keeping matters in perspective i.e., considering the number of hours the libraries are open each week and the number of users in the buildings, twenty-two thefts for the year is not an alarming figure.

The growing incidence of laptop theft is a concern, however. As a pilot project in response to the rise in laptop theft, 70 anchor locks were installed in table tops and desk tops at Alexander Library, and 50 were put in carrel desk tops at Kilmer Library.

Judy has proposed that the libraries participate with RUPD in a campaign for students that would stress to them that the Library is a Public Space. In an effort to make students more attentive to protecting their personal property when they study in the libraries, the group seeks to work with RUPD in developing posters and handouts that can convey the importance of being aware of one's surroundings. It is hoped that awareness sessions, geared to the libraries environment, can be provided for students by RUPD.

4) Incident Reports





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