Minutes of January 19, 2012 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Eric Fizur, Kristen Ko, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Jill Locascio, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Nita Mukherjee, Gillian Newton, Joyce Watson
Marc Forster, Shirley Lewis, Dean Meister, Brian Stubbs
Maggie Harris-Clark, Ramon Negron, Jan Reinhart


1) Circulation and Public Services Group Web Page is Up

With special thanks to Zohreh Bonianian and Jill Locascio for their work on the project and to Sam McDonald for making it appear, the new Circulation and Public Services Group Web Page made its debut on January 13th. The page has a clean look. Sections include Quick Links, How to, Policies, Forms, and Supplies. Additionally, the former groups' (Circulation, Billing, Security and Facilities) minutes are accessible.

2) Access Services Committee Notes

  1. Symphony 3.4 Upgrade—the upgrade went smoothly. Tracey Meyer asked for feedback on the new right click feature. We can right click no matter where we are and get taken to another wizard, e.g., discharge, bill item, report item missing, display holds.
  2. Status of Evolving Services—Jill Locascio, who serves as the Reserves Group Coordinator, reported on the e-book option for reserves which is being introduced this semester.
  3. Media Clipping for Faculty—VHS capability is being phased out by Classroom Support and the Media Center. Titles that are heavily used are being replaced with DVDs when available; if not, copies are being made by the Media Center. At the professor's request, a DVD of clips from VHS/DVD items may be created specifically for course use. Personal DVDs belonging to the professor may also be copied for class room use only.
  4. Streaming Audio and Visual Reserves—Media staff is working with IIS staff to process short video clips to be placed on reserve. Access will be password protected, with the password being issued only to members of the class.
  5. Eliminating User-Initiated Recalls—A group (Krista Haviland, Glenn Sandberg, and Jeff Teichman) will investigate what is being recalled and provide some recommendations. An idea discussed at ASC was could we redirect recalls to E-ZBorrow or JerseyCat requests instead? Under this scenario, a recall would be placed only if it could not be obtained elsewhere.

3) Review of Activities

  1. Old Bills—Judy Gardner, Barry Lipinski, Nita Mukherjee, and Gillian Newton agreed to form a group focused on how best to handle old bills on the Delinquent Accounts Report. A goal is to bring a clean user database to a future open access software system.
  2. Text Messaging—Sirsi/Dynex has announced that it will now support text messaging. The group reviewed the announcement and will investigate the usefulness of producing notices with content limited to 160 characters. The Mobile Devices Task Force examined this area in 2010. It pointed out then that SMS texting would help users who have mobile devices that are limited in capabilities i.e., cell phones. But, users would need to opt in for the service. Otherwise, they may incur charges from their carrier. Will shorter formats to notices—providing less information—have the potential to cause confusion? Is the ongoing development of mobile devices and the increase in users who have devices that include email signaling that the texting option may not be as useful today as once perceived?

4) Netbook Lending—Progress Report

Netbook lending at Kilmer Library and Alexander Library has been a successful service enhancement. At the end of the Fall semester, Alexander had checked out 280 netbooks over its first 66 days of offering the service, an average of 4.2 netbooks per day. Kilmer, through its first 46 days of netbook lending, had checked out 245 netbooks, an average of 5.3 netbooks per day.

5) Incident Reports






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