Minutes of July 19, 2012 Meeting

Eric Fizur, Kristen Ko, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Jill Locascio, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Nita Mukherjee, Ramon Negron, Gill Newton
Zohreh Bonianian, Marc Forster, Theresa Macklin, Dean Meister, Brian Stubbs
Maggie Harris-Clark, Jan Reinhart, Joyce Watson


1) Access Services Committee Notes

a. Proposal to Place Item Barcodes on Outside Cover--Mary Beth Weber and Carla Zimmerman (Central Technical Services) were guests at the June 14, 2012 Access Services Committee meeting. Carla presented an 8-point proposal advocating a change in where item barcodes are placed. Instead of the current practice of placing barcodes on the last printed page of a book, Carla proposed putting barcodes on the outside cover. She provided a document to the group which concluded "In sum, placing the barcode on the cover would increase productivity, decrease frustration, preserve text on items with slim margins, and lessen wear on wrapped materials.” One concern was raised: can the self- checkout unit at Alexander read barcodes placed on the back cover? After discussion, ASC supported Carla's proposal. Mary Beth and Carla will next meet with GraceMary Smulewitz and Jamie Maguire of Distributed Technical Services to get their input on this proposal.

b. New A-Team Procedures and Policies—On July 1st, a new A-Team of Access Services staff assumed responsibility for processing requests that users place using the "Book Special Request" button in the Library Catalog for non-circulating and on-order books, and to off-campus sites.

c. Delinquent Accounts Procedure Changes—The Billing subcommittee of CPSG met with RUL billing staff on June 4, 2012. There, a DRAFT document of revised procedures was reviewed, line-by-line. Billing staff members provided helpful suggestions that improved the wording in the 30-day warning letter and the PUBNOTE directions to desk staff and billing staff.

d. PALCI Member Meeting, SirsiDynex Northeast Regional Users Group (SNRG) Meeting Updates—Judy Gardner provided a report on the meeting. Load leveling, which put a burden on the Interlibrary Delivery Services budgets of smaller libraries in the consortium, has been changed to load balancing of borrows to loans. Rutgers, which in the past year under the leveling model had not been called upon to lend as much as previous years, has been assigned the top weight.

e. One of the activities suggested for the Access Services Committee for the upcoming year will be to see what more can be done in services for Distance Learners (Online Students).

2) Recap of 2011-2012 Activities

At the first meeting of the new Circulation and Public Services Group on September 23, 2010, the top three projects and priorities that the group identified for its work were 1) Website review and reorganization of information to create new Circulation and Public Services Group web pages; 2) Cleaning up old patron records, financial holds, and bills in preparation for a new open source integrated library system; and 3) Improving the claims returned process through the use of automated resources.

This year, the group completed the first activity (new web pages) and the major part of the second activity (cleaning up old accounts). On June 14, 2012 the file of old financial holds was submitted to Administrative Computing. When those records are removed, Integrated Information Systems will be set to run a report to remove the old bills and purge the user records.

The Registrar provided the libraries with a list of 9,609 students scheduled to graduate in May 2012. After courtesy notices were sent out, diploma holds and accompanying financial holds were placed on 101 graduating students. These students had material checked out that was 40 or more days overdue and their borrowing privileges were barred. Courtesy notices were also sent out to graduating students with checkouts that were not 49 days or more overdue, reminding them of the need to return books and informing of them of their ability to register for alumni borrowing privileges.

3) Activities for 2012-2013

Automating the claims returned process will be group's first priority in the upcoming year. The goal is to improve the process through regular reports that will track the status of claims returns and generate prompt follow up notices with users after searches are conducted and items are either found or not found.

Another activity will be to investigate capabilities for sending text message notices to users in the LIS.

An additional activity will be to examine the impact of e-books on circulation. The group will investigate what other libraries are doing, examine the range of what is owned by RUL, consider the circulation of e-book readers (e.g., iPad), and study how usage can be tracked and incorporated into circulation statistics.

4) Incident Reports



Information Sharing

Gill N—A lot of construction activity at Alexander. The lobby floor is being replaced. Outside, the front paving is being redone.

Jill L—Kilmer recently acquired 10 new comfortable chairs. The Livingston Campus has been busy with new student orientation sessions, special programs, and summer camps. Parking is often hard to find in the staff lot. The library has had more activity this summer than previous summers.

Ramon N—Douglass's lower level was closed for two weeks for carpet installation. The work is now done, all levels are open, and shelf reading was recently completed.

Nita M—There is an open, day-shift library associate II position to be split 50-50 between Chang and Douglass.

Eric F—Top floor at Robeson has had the stacks and carpet removed. It is being converted into a group study area. Inventory of the collection is underway.

Shirley L—It is good to be back at LSM.

Mike M—Physics is experiencing a lot of temperature control problems. The library is usually too warm and humid. Facilities is trying to remedy the situation.

Kristen K—The newly available network printing has attracted more users to the Art Library. In June, Megan Lotts joined the library as the new Art Librarian.

Barry L—The long awaited installation of new front doors at Kilmer—scheduled to be done this summer—has been delayed. No new date for the new doors has been given by Facilities.

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