Minutes of April 18, 2013 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Eric Fizur, Kristen Ko, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Grace McGarty, Dean Meister, Ramon Negron, Gill Newton, Jan Reinhart, Joyce Watson
Nita Mukherjee
Shirley Lewis, Theresa Macklin, Brian Stubbs


Barry began the meeting by welcoming new group member Grace McGarty.

1) Courtesy Notices and Diploma Holds

Courtesy notices went out to 178 barred students scheduled to graduate in May, reminding them of the need to return long overdue material or pay bills to avoid having a hold placed on their diploma. This year there were 10,114 May graduating students; only .02% had library billing issues. Courtesy notices were sent out as well to graduating students who have checkouts but are not barred, asking them to return material. At the end of April, Integrated Information Systems will run a report to see how many barred graduating users remain, and then diploma holds will be placed.

2) Stress Relief Sessions

In New Brunswick, Access Services has contacted two student organizations: the Stressbusters (Gentle Touch Back Rubs) and the Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club (Pet a Puppy) and offered them dates for visiting the libraries during the reading and exam period. These stress relieving activities were a big hit with our students last Fall.

3) Access Services Committee Updates

Integration activities with UMDNJ are ongoing. IIS has run user records. The catalog is populated with Robert Wood Johnson (New Brunswick) and George Smith Library (Newark) holdings but they are currently shadowed—until July 1st. Medical school library books will circulate for six-week loan periods with unlimited renewals. Coming soon—Guest user due dates will be expanded from the current four weeks to six weeks. At ASC, it was agreed that all is working well with book barcodes now on the front cover.

4) Incident Reports

Since the last CPSG Meeting on January 31, 2013, another 22 incident reports have been submitted. Eight more laptops were stolen from Alexander Library, bringing the total stolen this year to 22. Ten wore reported stolen in 2011-2012. IPhone theft has now been reported a few times at both Alexander Library and Kilmer Library.

Alexander Library

Art Library

Douglass Library

Kilmer Library

Library of Science and Medicine

5) Information Sharing

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