Minutes of June 20, 2013 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Eric Fizur, Kristen Ko, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Eugene McElroy, Grace McGarty, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Ramon Negron, Brian Stubbs, Joyce Watson
Mike Mansouri, Gill Newton
Shirley Lewis, Theresa Macklin, Jan Reinhart


1) Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration

On Monday, June 24th, the new merged catalog will be coming in as the resources of Robert Wood Johnson (New Brunswick) and Smith will appear. A patron load will be done on Thursday, June 27th that will include everybody. On July 1st, UMDNJ users will have access to all databases. By January 1, 2014, Rutgers will have access to all but three of the Medical School databases. A link resolver SFX is continuing to be used at UMDNJ for article requests. Eventually, all will be on ILLiad. Robert Wood and Smith will be participating in E- ZBorrow. Melissa Just has prepared an FAQ regarding the integration. It is a live document; information may be added to it. The Borrowers Chart is being updated to include three new user groups that come to us from UMDNJ: Volunteer Faculty, Attending Physicians, and Hospital Personnel. Judy Gardner has headed up training sessions in Symphony WorkFlows and ILLiad with staff at Robert Wood Johnson and Smith. Michele Tokar, Jeff Teichmann, Dean Meister, Chiaki Mills, Grace McGarty, Krista Haviland, Will Torres, Abdullah Sherzad, Glenn Sandberg, and Darryl Voorhees, have all assisted in these training sessions.

2) Diploma Holds Recap

Of the 10, 114 May graduates provided to us by the Registrar, 119 needed to be placed on financial and diploma hold. The breakdown by campus: New Brunswick 74 diploma holds (66 undergraduate, 52 of which were from SAS); Newark 34; and Camden 11. Roughly half (58) of these holds have since been removed.

3) Expanded Extended Hours Summary

Reports from Alexander, Douglass, Kilmer, and LSM show that the expanded extended hours were well received at all locations. Because of the high last hour counts Kilmer has seen in the past year on Friday and Saturday (sometimes the number of people leaving the building in the last hour has been more than one half of the exit total for the day on Saturday), Kilmer is planning on extending its normal hours of operation this fall semester. Instead of closing at 9 p.m. on Friday, the plan is to close at midnight; on Saturday closing would be extended from 6 p.m. to midnight. This would mirror the hours of both Alexander and LSM.

4) Stress Relief Recap

This year, the Seeing Eye Dog Club could not schedule any Pet a Puppy Sessions during exam period. But the Stressbusters student organization was able to provide a few Gentle Touch Back Rub Sessions, which again were popular with the students. Kilmer Library also had an Origami and coloring event on May 8th.

5) Formation of Two Subgroups: Text Message Notifications and Claims Returned

Grace M, Kristen K, and Zohreh B volunteered to work with Chris in IIS on providing text message notifications to users. Andy Martinez, Barry L, Gill N, and Nita M agreed to work on revamping the claims returned process.

6) Ivies+ 2013 at Brown

Barry L, Gill N, and Joyce W spoke about their trip to Brown for Ivies+2013. Much of the emphasis in this year’s symposium was on reconfiguring space in libraries to meet the study and computing needs of students.

7) Incident Reports

There were 23 more incident reports since the group’s April 18th meeting.

Alexander Library

Art Library

Douglass Library

Kilmer Library

Library of Science and Medicine

8) Information Sharing

Kristen K—Summer projects are underway at the Art Library. Currently, staff are shifting books in the compact shelving.

Dean M-- Four hundred boxes of books set to be returned to Physics. Many government documents are being transferred from Alexander Library. University Archives material—8,000 boxes—is now being moved from the Annex to the University Archives new storage facility. The Gardner Sage Theological Seminary has removed 9,000 titles from the Annex. Custodial Services will be cleaning the vacated stacks.

Eugene M—SMLR’s director Donna Schulman is retiring at the end of June.

Nita M—The circulating collection at Chang is being shifted into compact shelving.

Ramon N—The shifting of collections at Douglass is nearly completed.

Joyce W—There is a lot of summer school activity at the Dana Library. The library is getting a nice aesthetic boost from the addition of new plants throughout the building.

Brian S—The leaking onto the third floor Z collection has struck again. The books there remain covered in plastic.

Grace M—Kilmer has new shelving for the Recreational Reading Collection, providing the collection with room for growth. The long-awaited new doors project will begin on Wednesday, June 26th. Many new student orientation sessions are being held on the Livingston Campus. ILLiad updates were recently installed.

Barry L—The Health and Safety Committee has completed reviewing the Emergency Procedures Manual; there are no significant changes to procedures; phone numbers were updated, typos corrected.

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