Minutes of September 26, 2013 Meeting

Bill Bejarano, Zohreh Bonianian, Eric Fizur, Jacqueline Hutton, Amber Judkins, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Mike Mansouri, Grace McGarty, Nita Mukherjee, Joann Polgar, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Anthony Timek, Joyce Watson
Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Ramon Negron, Gill Newton, Jan Reinhart


1) Welcome New Members

Barry Lipinski welcomed six new members to the group: Bill Bejarano (Alcohol Studies), Jacqueline Hutton (Smith), Amber Judkins (Dana), Joann Polgar (RWJ), Eddie Suarez (LSM), and Anthony Timek (LSM).

2) Review of the FY2013 Annual Report

The group reviewed its FY2013 Annual Report. Highlights included the following:

3) Circulation and Public Service Group Activities for FY2014

This year the group will focus on the following three activities:

4) Access Services Committee Announcements

Barry L reviewed with the group items discussed at the September 12th ASC meeting, including: IIS Report: Authentication with NetID and by class roster for e-Reserves; Joint Programs and NJIT Federated Departments and the new JOINT borrower; Chemistry reference books and 7-day loans; and McNaughton Plan books and Kilmer’s Rec Reading.

5) Text Message Notifications Subgroup Report

Grace McGarty and Zohreh Bonianian presented to the group the progress they have made with Gill Newton and Chris Sterback in testing Text Messaging. Grace M and Zohreh B provided the following overview of the project:

Grace M and Zohreh B then provided the following status update:

6) Incident Reports

Since the beginning of this fiscal year (July 1st), there have been nine Incident Reports, including two thefts at Alexander Library.

Alexander Library

Chang Library

Kilmer Library

Library of Science and Medicine

7) Information Sharing

Bill B—There are three PCs and study space at Alcohol Studies. Most of the activity is in article delivery and book requests.

Mike M—More mold was discovered at Physics Library and Chemistry, which closed on August 30th. Humidity levels continue to be a problem at Physics. Facilities personnel report that the humidifier is designed to handle the entire building not only the library. New curtains have been installed at Physics.

Anthony T—Worked with Eddie Suarez to shelf and completed shelf reading the Chemistry collection, which will be shipped to the Annex.

Eddie S—LSM has received new five new laptops and will soon begin lending them for in-house use. The computer lab has ongoing problems with the printers. Saturdays are a problem when students show up to print their football tickets and the printers malfunction. ARC opens later than the library on Saturday so they are not available to service the printers until an hour after the library has opened.

Shirley L—LSM has new furniture on the 3rd floor and new tiles and carpeting on the first floor. Brian S—Alexander has received new laptops and will nwt have 10 to loan for in-house use. A new door alarm system has been installed in the graduate reserve reading room. When an door alarm goes off, staff at the circulation desk can now see an alert on a new alarm console in the desk area. Bicycle lending continues to be extremely popular. Water leaking onto the plastic-covered Z collection continues to be a problem.

Zohreh B—Kristen Ko’s departure from Art Library is being currently handled by staff from Alexander taking turns working at the Art Library. There are eight laptops available for in-house lending at the Art Library. The public printers seem to have a lot of problems. Manuel Jusino is the new RUL intern and has started by working in Alexander Access Services. He will get experience at LSM and the Annex next.

Dean M (via email)—The Chemistry Library has been permanently closed as of August 30th. All Chemistry books and journals are still physically located in the locked up library. Mike M is pulling materials and filling RDS requests. The Chemistry collection will be moved to the Annex for storage, but the move hasn’t happened yet.

Joyce W—The aesthetics in Dana Library have improved. New furniture, carpeting, and plants have brightened things up. One major change that the students love—they can now enter and exit the library on either side. The security desk is nearby to handle any problems.

Grace M—The new front doors installation was completed at Kilmer Library in mid-August. New “clean up” signs were posted in each carrel before the new semester. Approximately 30 student workers, with 13 new. We converted a reserve video viewing room into a group study room in the lower level, giving Kilmer now nine group study rooms and two reserve video viewing rooms. White boards were installed in the lower level rooms; markers and erasers are available for lending at the circulation desk. Kilmer’s new extended hours on Friday and Saturday began on September 20th. The library now closes at midnight on Friday and Saturday like Alexander and LSM. The microfilm reader is not able to email or print. Kilmer will be hosting a pumpkin decorating stress relief activity on October 15th and 23rd.

Jacqueline H—The transition to RUL is going well. Theft is not usually a problem inside the library, though two cell phones were stolen outside the library recently. A water leaking problem had to be handled last week.

Joann P—Starting to see more RUL requests for materials at RWJ.

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