Minutes of March 26, 2014 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Jacqueline Hutton, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Ramon Negron, Jan Reinhart, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Anthony Timek, Joyce Watson
Grace McGarty, Nita Mukherjee, Gill Newton, Joann Polgar
Bill Bejarano, Amber Judkins


1) Text Messaging Notification Status Report

Zohreh B and Barry L reported on the status of the text messaging enhancement. Other time-sensitive responsibilities at IIS such as the move to a new server put the initiative on hold. It is now planned to be introduced sometime after the end of the spring semester. Text Messaging Subgroup members along with other staff have participated in testing the service. Bob Warwick is working on developing the registration forms for the website.

2) Suggested Borrowing Privileges Brochure Revisions

Gill N, though unable to attend the meeting, provided an email offering several changes to information in the current Borrowing Privileges brochures. The brochures were last updated in June 2013. Suggested changes: 1) My Account should be changed to My Library Account; 2) Replacement bills are now sent at 90 days overdue, not 180 days overdue. 3) Reserve fines now have a ceiling a $50, not $25. 4) UBorrow now needs to be included in the brochures. Barry L said he would bring the changes to Natalie Wadley and the Access Services Committee.

3) Upcoming Courtesy Notices and Diploma Holds

Barry L has acquired the electronic file of students scheduled to graduate in May and given it to Chris Sterback, who will run it against a file of all BARRED users to produce a list of graduating students who are BARRED. Last year, that yielded a total of 178 graduating students. On March 29th we will send out courtesy notices to BARRED May grads, letting them know that they will need to return their billed books or pay for them or else they will be placed on financial hold and diploma hold. We will also send out courtesy notices to students graduating in May who have checkouts but are not BARRED. These notices will advise the students to return their books before leaving campus and will give them information about alumni borrowing privileges. On April 14th Chris S will rerun the report of BARRED May grads. At that point, Barry L will place financial holds and diploma holds for New Brunswick, Maggie Harris Clark will handle these holds for Newark, and Theresa Macklin will do them in Camden. Last year, 119 diploma holds were placed. Of that group, only 15 still remain on diploma hold.

4) Access Services Committee Notes

Barry L reported on the Access Services Committee meetings of February 27th and March 13th.

5) Incident Reports

We have a total of 72 incident reports thus far (through 3/26/14) this academic year, 47 involving thefts (65 % of the reports). Sometimes multiple items are involved in a theft, e.g., when a backpack is taken containing a laptop, wallet, and textbooks.

Total thefts by Library:
Alexander 29
Kilmer 16
Douglass 3
Chang 1
Math 1

Stolen items:
Laptops--35 (Alexander 23, Kilmer 9, Douglass 3)
Smartphones--5 (Kilmer 4, Alexander 1)
Money-6 (Alexander 3, Kilmer 2, Math 1)
Textbooks-2 (Alexander 1, Kilmer 1)
Cellphone-1 (Alexander)
Boots-1 (Alexander)

Last year, the New Brunswick Libraries had 26 laptop thefts. So, we have already exceeded that. In the previous year, 2011-12, there were only 10 laptops stolen. The focus now seems to be on the expensive MacBook Pros.

Since the last CPSG meeting on November 21, 2013, there have been 43 more incident reports:

Alexander Library (26)

Chang Library (3)

Douglass Library (5)

Kilmer Library (7)

Library of Science and Medicine (2)

6) Information Sharing

Jacqueline S-Smith is working to resolve mail delivery problems. Staff may be going to loading dock area twice a week to retrieve mail. A user was removed from the library by police for viewing child pornography.

Eric F-Robeson's date for completion of renovations to the second floor has been pushed back to July 2014.

Joyce W-Dana has been undergoing a lot of renovation. The new expanded computing lab is attracting many users to the library. There is no carpeting on the second and fourth floor.

Ramon N-Shifts are still being made of books from the 2nd floor to the first level. Plumbing problems struck the lower level recently. The bike rental program at Douglass has gotten off to a good start.

Dean M-Materials formerly belonging to the Chemistry Library are being processed. HVAC has been fixed in the stacks. All Seminary Place materials are scheduled to be removed by late April. The Annex will be receiving Odorox air scrubbers. They were introduced by Diane Gravatt of Grounds and are designed to fight mold, viruses, odors, and dust.

Anthony T-The Chemistry Reference materials have been brought to LSM. Staff will now alter the labels to reflect their new location in LSM.

Jan R-Media Center now books equipment. Digital and audio recorders and video recorders may be booked by faculty. Two dozen devices have been booked since the beginning of the spring semester.

Eddy S-LSM now has a touch screen PC for users when they walk in the library. The PC can be used for campus maps, visiting Sakai sites, and searching the catalog. National Student Worker Appreciation Week begins on April 14th. The libraries will be honoring their student workers.

Mike M-Two new Odorox air scrubbers have been installed at Physics.

Barry L-Outlined for group members the budget cut presentation and discussion provided by Melissa Just on March 19th at the Alexander Library Pane Room.

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