Minutes of May 22, 2014 Meeting

Eric Fizur, Jacqueline Hutton, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Grace McGarty, Nita Mukherjee, Ramon Negron, Gill Newton, Jacquelyn Ridzy, Eddie Suarez
Bill Bejarano, Zohreh Bonianian, Amber Judkins, Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Joann Polgar, Jan Reihnart, Brian Stubbs, Anthony Timek, Joyce Watson


1) Text Message Notification Update

Another complication has emerged in introducing text message notifications: Unicode is causing text messages for titles in languages other than English to read as gibberish. Chris Sterback said he will find a solution to this problem. Also, the web forms need to be done. It is now projected that text message notification will not be ready to be offered until the Fall semester.

2) Diploma Holds Recap

All financial holds and diploma holds were completed by April 25th. The breakdown for New Brunswick campus schools: 63 undergraduates and 16 graduates for a total of 79 financial and diploma holds. In Newark, 37 diploma holds were placed and in Camden, three diploma holds were placed. The systemwide total of 119 diploma holds placed matched the exact number of last year. In New Brunswick, 55 of the 79 holds have been removed (items paid for or returned); in Newark 19 of the 37 holds have been removed; in Camden one of the three holds have been removed. Of the 119 holds placed, 75 have been removed.

Chris Sterback will be running a reconciliation report so that we can catch any holds that still need to be removed from the Delinquent Accounts 029 list. The report will identify any users on the 029 that are no longer in WorkFlows and any users in WorkFlows who are on the 029 but no longer have bills.

3) Procedures for Handling Book Replacements

The group reviewed Access Policy Memo #5: Billing for Lost and Damaged Material

Most users choose now to provide new replacement copies and pay the $20 processing fee rather than have the libraries order the book and then have to pay a $42 processing fee (saves $22).

The Guidelines:

It does not matter which RUL library owns the book. Replacement copies may be presented to any Rutgers library. Staff at the library make the decision—based on the replacement policy—if a replacement copy, when presented, is acceptable. Staff may consult with a selector at their library if they wish, but the decision to accept or not accept should be made at that library—where staff are working with the user. Books should not be sent to the owning library for the billing coordinator to make the determination if the book is acceptable.

If we are dealing with a damaged item that has been returned, that is different. The item does not get discharged and it is sent to the attention of the billing coordinator with a note, and a PUBNOTE is entered by staff sending the book.

It is always OK to consult with a fellow billing coordinator and to ask their advice.

But, as Judy Gardner said in a billing policy meeting held at LSM in 2012, we should stop thinking about books belonging to a particular library; they are all RUL books.

Replacements should never be accepted if they have markings, stains, any signs of damage, or crossed out labels indicating that they once belonged to another library.

Selectors have the right to make an exception: e.g., they many say it is OK to accept a particular used copy in good shape because the book is out-of-print and has particular value. Perhaps, the book has no more remaining copies in the RUL catalog.

But, these are exceptions made by a selector.

Otherwise, it is our policy that only new replacement copies will be accepted.

“Books in Print” has been canceled by RUL and has been removed from the Indexes & Databases listing in the catalog. To price books for users, we may continue to use either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

4) Incident Reports

Since the unveiling of a theft prevention poster at the entrances of Alexander, Kilmer, Douglas, and LSM on April 9th there have been no thefts reported in the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus libraries. We have been happily stuck on lucky number 55.

Since the last group meeting on March 26th, there have been 20 incident reports, a total of 92 for the year.

Alexander Library (10)

Art Library (1)

Chang Library (1)

Douglass Library (2)

Kilmer Library (5)

Library of Science and Medicine

5) Information Sharing

Jacqueline H—Heavy rain cused water leaking problems at Smith in the stacks and at the circulation desk. A new disabled-user accessible water fountain with a bottle filling sensor has been installed. Staff continues a project of gathering books with wear and tear from the stacks and making in-house repairs. Cleaning out of materials in the basement is being done.

Ramon N—A lot of food came into the Douglass Library during the end of the semester. Shifting continues in the basement.

Eric F—Robeson also experienced water leaks. Construction work on the redeveloping second floor caused water to leak onto some computers on the first floor. The second floor construction is still scheduled to be completed by the middle of July.

Gill N—A lot of cleaning is going on at Alexander now that things are quieter. The Senior Dance, held in the Reference Room, was a success. Delinquent Account Phase I letters went out in February and March.

Shirley L—The group congratulated Shirley on her recent graduation from Rutgers with a degree in Labor and Employee Relations.

Eddie S—LSM again gave out free coffee during the exam period. For the summer sessions, LSM and Alex will be open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday from 12 noon to 6 p.m.; and Sunday from 12 noon to 8 p.m.

Jacquelyn R—Art experienced water leaks during the heavy rain period, too. A crane has been brought in to address some problems with windows that are difficult to reach. Worn out wheels on the rolling laptop chairs are being replaced with a different brand. Additional trash cans have been a big help inside the library.

Grace M—Kilmer has a new touchscreen PC. Student workers were honored with a Student Appreciation week in April. Free ear plugs were a huge success; went through two supplies of 75 plugs in two days.

Barry L—Gentle Touch Back Rubs provided by Stressbusters were again greatly appreciated by students during the exam period. At Kilmer, on May 8th between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., three volunteers from the program gave 40 students Gentle Touch Back Rubs. Kilmer’s reference desk, for the first time, will not be open this summer. Signage there will direct users with questions to visit the circulation desk. There, Access Services staff will answer questions they are able to answer; for referrals they will contact librarians who are in the building. If no one is available, users will be directed to use Chat, Ask a Librarian, or to phone the Alexander Library reference desk. We will keep statistics of reference questions answered and referrals made.

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