Minutes of September 25, 2014 Meeting

Zohreh Bonianian, Eric Fizur, Jacqueline Hutton, Amber Judkins, Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder), Mike Mansouri, Eugene McElroy, Grace McGarty, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Ramon Negron, Gill Newton, Joann Polgar, Jan Reinhart, Jacquelyn Ridzy, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez, Anthony Timek
Bill Bejarano, Shirley Lewis, Joyce Watson


1) Text Messaging Notification Update

Gill, Grace, Zohreh, and Barry reported on the latest news regarding the planned text messaging notification enhancement. Problems with Unicode affecting the display of non-English language titles continue, according to Chris Sterback (IIS). Chris has gotten the OK from Tibor Purger and Grace Agnew to use some Sirsi reward points to take a trial look at Sirsi's own text messaging product. If it is something that we like and want to use, we could choose that option.

2) Annual Action Plan and Group Goals

The group approved the language and placement of the three group goals in the new Strategic Activities Annual Action Plan template provided by Jeanne Boyle. The three goals: 1) Introduce a text messaging notification enhancement; 2) Automate the claims returned process; and 3) Develop a billing training guide for Access Services staff.

3) Recap of Recent Announcements

4) NB Libraries Late-Night Access Planning

The group discussed the plan presented by Melissa Just to Cabinet and approved there for a policy change regarding restricted use. It is expected that later this semester the New Brunswick Libraries will restrict use of the libraries after 10 p.m. to current Rutgers students, faculty, and staff. Melissa has pointed out that there has been interest expressed by students for this change. Restricted use in the evening is a policy at many academic libraries, private and public. Barry shared with the group plans for policy enforcement. Two announcements will be made each night on the public address system. Rutgers ID checks will be done at various points in the buildings each night. All incoming users after 10 p.m. will be required to hold up their RUconnection card when they enter the library. When this is ready to be implemented, Harry Glazer will put out a news release and the new policy will be explained in the Targum. Each library foyer will have a poster regarding the policy. The poster will illustrate that each user will need to display their RUconnection when they enter the building after 10 p.m.

5) User Conduct and Security Document Revisions

Cabinet has approved changes to RUL's User Conduct and Security policy. One change concerns restricted use. The new document will say the following: "Restricted Use-At times, access to the Libraries may be restricted to current Rutgers students, faculty, and staff. Library users may be asked to display a valid Rutgers University ID." The new Food and Drink Policy will now identify areas with restricted food and drink policies, e.g., Special Collections and University Archives (no food or drink) and Computer classrooms, labs, and workstations (no food; covered drinks OK). It will also designate what is restricted at Camden, Newark, and RBHS library locations. For New Brunswick library locations, the new policy will say "the consumption of food and drinks are permitted, except in designated areas."

6) Incident Reports

There have been 17 incident reports since the last group meeting on July 23rd, bringing the total to 20 reports for this year. There have been 10 thefts, thankfully only two laptops. The breakdown in thefts by library: Alexander (4), Douglass (2), Kilmer (2), LSM (2). Items stolen: money (6), laptop (2), backpack (2), phone (1), and bike (1).

Alexander Library (7)

Chang Library (1)

Douglass Library (5)

Kilmer Library (3)

Library of Science and Medicine (1)

7) Information Sharing

Jan R-Video at the Media Center has been divided into two collections: a circulating collection and a faculty booking collection. The circulating collection is now available to all students, faculty, and staff. The videos circulate for one week with no renewals. They may be requested through the standard delivery service. The faculty will continue to use the booking service for their requests. The collection consists of 5,100 DVDs; 1,200 are used for faculty reserves. Lily Todorinova is designing a display cabinet that will be placed on the first floor to attract students to the new circulating video service.

Jacqueline H-Smith is engaged in a basement cleanup project, removing old computers, chairs, and tables. Ceiling tiles and lights are being replaced throughout the building.

Amber Judkins-The two new Booth Ferris collaborative multimedia rooms are popular; graduate students particularly like them. They can be booked online through the Computing Lab booking system.

Eric F-The renovated 3rd floor at Robeson Library is scheduled to open on October 9th. Heavy rains have caused some leaks from the roof onto some of the new furniture. The inventory project continues; now in the H's. Robeson uses a study room reservation system that is also used at the Camden Law Library.

Nita M-One third of the Work Study students were able to return to Chang Library. Licenses for the public printer and scanner ran out, causing problems; they are now OK. A reminder: Gill Newton is the contact for any old billing issues referred to in PUBNOTEs.

Ramon N-Mold was discovered at Douglass Library in the performing arts collection, affecting approximately 1,200 books.

Brian S-Staff at Alexander are working on a long project involving 90,000 Recon items. Books are being searched and barcoded; problem items are being identified. Alexander has encountered a few users coming to the desk with Guest Student RUconnection cards. This is a mystery classification; RUconnection Office has been contacted.

Joann P-New Work Study students are being trained at Robert Wood Johnson. The library has been receiving Interlibrary loan shipments with an ARC address that should instead be going to ARC in Piscataway.

Mike M-Mold continues to come back at the Physics Library. Three hundred more books have recently found to have been infected by mold.

Eddie S-LSM is happy to have gotten most of their Work Study students from last year back. Staff have been receiving many questions this semester from students looking for the Busch Lab Center. There have also been many questions about the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

Dean M-Recently gave a tour of the Annex for Janet Croft as part of her orientation.

Anthony T-Shifts at LSM continue to be done on the 2nd floor.

Jacquelyn R-Two thirds of the Work Study students from last year are back at the Art Library. The Art Library is now moving all bound periodicals to the Annex so that more study space can be created. The Lego Play Station has been very popular with students.

Gill N-While working on the Recon project, found a book in the stacks from 1784. The pages were quite brittle.

Grace M-Kilmer Library has converted a Reserve video viewing room into a 10th study room. There is now one room for Reserve video viewing. Many students now choose to use the computers with their head phones to view Reserve videos. A fourth printer has been added to the Kilmer Computing Lab. All 10 lending laptops have been reimaged. There is now an area on the first floor devoted to displaying art work by Rutgers students. Two stress relief pumpkin decorating activities will be held on October 15th and 21st. These pumpkin decorating days were a big hit with students last fall.

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