Minutes of June 19, 2003 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Rose Barbalace, Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Nita Mukherjee, Michele Tokar(recorder), Will Torres, Nicole Warren, Paul Young
Megan Ingegno


1. Circulation/Systems Issues

1. Any student in the Rutgers Community who is NOT attending SUMMER SCHOOL will NOT be loaded into the library database for this summer 2003. Staff at the libraries must update changes to patron address/e-mail records online in WorkFlows (contrary to our usual policy). Continue to advise Students to update their own address information in the Rutgers Online Directory. Once the fall semester begins we will revert back to our usual policy.

2. Occasionally, new Faculty arriving to RU in the summer wish to obtain library privileges before their contract begins. As per Judy Gardner, all new Faculty or staff should have an RU Connection card, must be valid, and in the Rutgers system prior to obtaining privileges.

3. Vale Faculty renewals - All faculty requesting an extension of their library privileges with RU are eligible for a one-year at a time renewal. Renewal date is 6/30/2004. Must have a new letter from their home library with a signature.

4. New ILL Procedures beginning July 1, 2003 - Gives Users more options, more control.

PALCI will be down during August downtime since URSA needs WorkFlows to create temp records. 5.

6. Occasional Patron confusion regarding availability of article request/messages through RDS - More details to come.

7. Discharge/Hold Problem - Michele and Chris are looking into using sound to differentiate between in transit holds and same library holds.

8. New patron expiry date - 6/30/04 for all Faculty/Staff and Students. From now on Expiry date will be one year.

9. Barred lists are being run again, so staff can do stack checks.

10. RU Connection is a good source for contact information regarding barcodes and patron identification.

11. Can Staff have an RA card - RA cards are for Faculty only. Any questions should be directed to Michele who will work with Central Access Services.

2. Microfilm/Microfiche Lists

Michele has completed a list for all microfilm/fiche machines and copy card machines in NB libraries. Marc suggested we put this in a searchable database such as Lotus or Excel.

Policy question arose regarding the lending out of Rutgers m/film when machines are broken. (This does not include ILL materials which are bar-coded)

3. Statistics Form for Simple Versus Complicated Charges

Paul Young has created a form to track charges at the circulation desk. Hash marks will be used to fill out this form. Stats will be collected to see how many checkout transactions are simple and how many require additional types of service. These stats will be used to determine how self-checkout would work at the libraries.

4. Circulation Survey

The circulation Survey is nearly complete. This will be distributed in the next week.

5. Information Sharing

University budget is making an impact on all units. There has been a definitive decrease in distribution of Work-Study Students.

- Some shift in responsibilities for staff at Alex. Roselyn Riley will be working with Antoinette in Billing, Roselyn previously worked in CM. Irina will begin work in CM and continue work in Reserves.
- Alex and Art were allotted a total of 10 Work-Study students for the summer. Much smaller than previous years.
- ClockTrak is down a lot due to building electrical problems-result of construction.
- No PA System in the building.
- Will be doing a summer inventory of the collection.
- Reserve lists for the fall are being dropped off.
- 1 Work-Study student. Minimal voucher budget
- 2-3 Work-Study Students
- Erika Moore from Art working on CM projects at LSM.
- Dave Warner training on Reserves.
- Some major Collection shifts to take place. Eddie Suarez busy measuring and analyzing space at LSM

Next Meeting - Thursday, July 24th

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