Minutes of August 21, 2003 meeting

Sal Cardinale, Marc Forster, Mike Mansouri, Michele Tokar(recorder), Dave Warner, Nicole Warren


1. Circulation Survey

49 copies of the survey were sent out. So far 20 have been completed and returned. The results indicate that training is necessary. Deadline for survey completion is August 25th 2003.

2. Microfilm Policy

Michele is still finishing the policy for create brief title and RUL M/Film circulation and ILS in house use only N/Film Circulation. Sal confirmed that the fiche duplicator machine is broken at Alex. There is a fische duplicator at LSM.

3. Circ on the Fly

In July 2003, Michele met with members NBACS and Ruth Bogan of the database Management Team (DMT). The DMT can now convert a brief item record to a full item record while the item is still charged to a patron. This means, library materials can remain in circulation instead of being shipped to and from TSB for conversion. It is more important than ever that staff working at the Circulation desk create brief titles with exact call numbers including year and or volume; the DMT uses this information to locate the full shelf card list.

Michele posted directions: http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~mtokar/AddBriefTitle.doc
An e-mail was sent to NBACS on 8/1/2003 with instructions.

4. Circulation Policies

The CFG is in the process of identifying different polices and creating scripts for them. Dave Warner has written a script for how to handle patrons with RUL books that set off the alarm gate. This script will be posted to the new Access Services page on the NBL website. Mike Mansouri has offered to write up a policy on how to handle expired alumni cards; i.e. what sort of identification we should request.

Dave Warner is working on creating a webpage for all these polices that will be posted to the Access Services page. The CFG was asked to think of other polices to add to the webpage.

5. Social Security Numbers

Matthew Sheehey asked that staff working at the circulation desk verify and identify patrons by name and address as opposed to using social security numbers. Use SSNís as a last option to identify patrons.

The CFG talked about this issue and decided that besides requesting SSNís at the desk, we need to discuss our use of them in AAL and over the phone. The group decided that talking in a public space about a personís SSN was different then a private e-mail or phone conversation. Michele will pass on this information to Matthew.

Questions regarding SS Numbers arose: Will the patron load override pseudo social security numbers?

6. New Library Cards

The old red and white Guest and Primary cards are being replaced with blue and white cards. Expect to still see red cards and white cards in use. Units should throw out remaining red and white cards. Lucye Millerand will send a supply of blue and white cards to each unit.

7. Downtime

Michele reminded everyone about the coordination of charge and discharge during downtime to prevent claims returns. The calling chain and explanation were sent to the NBACS list serv. This document is available on the LSM T-drive:
T:/Common/Circulation Functional Group/Coordination of Charge.

8. Damaged User

Megan Doyle has volunteered to delete the old Damaged User in WorkFlows. Books still charged to Damaged will be transferred to CS-ALEX and CS-LSM.. There are currently 60 items charged to the Damaged user.

9. Damaged Books

Michele is still working with Chris Sterback to try and figure out a way to track damaged items that are being checked out and that are returned to the stacks without being charged to CS-ALEX or CS-LSM. It would be ideal to run reports on these items and pull them from the stacks for repair or share them with the bibliographers. One possibility is to edit the comment field of these items when they are checked out.

10. Books with CDs

Nicole Warren recently dealt with a patron who returned a book without the CD. The CFG is looking into writing a policy on how to handle this. Sal confirmed that all CDís will soon have separate barcodes/records. For now, some suggestions were to create a separate brief item record for the CD, then Barr or Block the patron.

11. Information Sharing

- Construction still going on for D21. Staff should move upstairs by January 2004.
- Wireless network being installed. Nicole using WebCT for students.
- This summer there has been a lot of problems with condensation and water leakage due to old pipes and the AC system. The CM team came over to do some emergency cleanup. The collection was preserved.
- Facilities is working on the AC system. New lists for UMDNJ have been mailed to LSM. Dave Warner is the contact person.
- Marc is working on the new webpage for Access Services.
- Kilmer staff are at LSM due to a broken HVAC system at Kilmer.

Next Meeting - Thursday, September 18th

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