Minutes of October 16, 2003 meeting

Sal Cardinale, Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Roselyn Riley, Michele Tokar(recorder), Will Torres, Dave Warner, Nicole Warren, Paul Young
Georgina Alonzo, Megan Ingegno, Nita Mukherjee


1. Assignments for Testing U2003: User Maintenance

U2003 was loaded in the test system on 10/16/03. All CFG members were asked to test the following assignments: Display User, New User Registration, Modify User, Copy User, Confirm Address, Renew Privilege, Send Message, and Remove User. Testing should be completed by November 2003. The group was reminded how to log onto the test system. The group was given their staff login names.

Enhancements for U2003 are listed under Staff Resources, Systems, Useful Links, Sirsi's Unicorn Documentation, Release Notes, Version 2003, Release notes. We do not necessarily adopt all enhancements listed.

2. Patrons Expired in WorkFlows

On 10/15/2003, the Systems department expired 7,837 patrons. The patrons were expired because of the following criteria: they were not UMDNJ, Guest, or Retiree, and they had an expiration date that extended past 12/31/2004.

For staff working at the circulation desk: Any patron who shows up at the circulation desk with an expiration date of 10/15/2003 in their WorkFlows record must show proof of affiliation with the University. Each situation should be handled with care since it is possible that a patron was expired by mistake.


Onsite borrowing is now possible since the libraries officially joined PALCI. Information regarding onsite borrowing and the form information are available at the following URL:

A new user has been added to the guest borrower's chart. See "PALCI".

In WorkFlows, PALCI is now available under "Status".

4. Alumni

New Alumni wil now be automatically loaded/updated in WorkFlows (old alumni are still handled as before...they must provide an alumni card or diploma and another picture ID). While this is considered an enhancement, there is one major complication: the inability for the alumni to update their address for 1 year. Because alumni records will be loaded from the old student record for 1 year, any address information will remain as the old student address and e-mail. Staff will not be able to override this in WorkFlows. The biggest concern is "how will these students get recall and overdue notices?". One hope is that students will still have access to their old Eden accounts and will be able to gain access to the Rutgers Online Directory. The Systems department is looking into this. Alumni must register within 1 year or they will be purged from the system.

For alumni verification, we will use a diploma or an alumni card. Units will be getting rid of fiche and old paper files.

5. CS-Users

Access and Collection Services met to discuss the CS-users in WorkFlows. It was determined that only damaged items should be charged to these users. The definition of damaged is: a)wear and tear, not newly caused by a patron, b)binding falling apart, and c)items with system-related problems - needs new label, barcode, call number.

The old damaged user no longer exists.

Collection Services is re-organizing the damaged materials in their department by title or call number. This way, they will be easy to locate if a patron recalls them.

6. NetIDs

All University students and personnel must have a NetID. NetID is a new term for the common username used by many RUCS systems, such as RCI and Eden. If you have an account on one of these systems, you already have a NetID. If you do not know your NetID, go to:

In the near future, all Fac/Staff and students must have an e-mail account in the Rutgers Online Directory and will not be able to remove it (although they can still shadow it). E- mail addresses can be changed from Eden or RCI to a Hotmail, AOL, or other account, but there must be an e-mail address in the e-mail field. Address information will continue to come into WorkFlows via the patron load.

7. Web Document Delivery

We will no longer take cash at the circulation desk for RDS article delivery as of 12/1/2003. Departmental/personal accounts can be created with a minimum of $30 and added onto in increments of $30. Imaging Services will handle the money, accounts, and updating in notes in WorkFlows. Accounts only need to be created when a patron requires a copy of an article from their same geographic campus (i.e., Alexander to LSM). Copies requested from a different geographic campus, from the Annex, or to an off-campus station will be free. Any faculty, staff, or student will need to set up a deposit account with Imaging Services. The money is refundable if it is not used. Since the deposit is costly, staff working at the circulation desk have concerns about patron discontent.

8. Training

Jeff and Michele are working on training for the late winter/spring. The training will center on Public Services/WorkFlows technical prowess. Training needs are being assessed by the survey results. Training will take place in 2 locations, one at Alexander and the other at either LSM or Kilmer. This training will be for Access Services staff with a few Collection Services staff. This training will be a review for all and will also lend itself to discussion of U2003.

9. Other

Everyone has attended the first section in the series of human resources training: Service Excellence. Everyone in the group said they found some information useful in the session.

There is a new user added to the UMDNJ category on the borrower's chart:

The Reserve group has agreed that the twenty-title limit for reserves is no longer realistic. The group has suggested that thirty to forty items is better. Depending on whether they are in electronic format, forty items will be accepted. If the items are books and photocopies, thirty items will be accepted. The Reserve deadlines will change, as well. The Reserve group will post these.

AAL will have a new interface soon.

10. Information Sharing

- Chiaki is now working in the Alexander Library Access Services Department.
- Appproximate total of 61 students.
- Moving furniture around from the Graduate Reading Room hallway to Ugrad.
- There is now one official study room in the library.
- Many (fire) alarms going off after 10:00PM in the entire building.
- New student. Megan is giving out quizzes to test the students' knowledge.
Collection Services:
- Short 2 staff lines.
- Many journal cancellations.
- More traffic in the library now.
- New shelving for Periodicals.
- New patron Bulletin Board.

Next Meeting - Thursday, November 20th, 2:30pm

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