Minutes of November 20, 2003 meeting

Sal Cardinale, Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Roselyn Riley, Michele Tokar, Dave Warner, Paul Young
Georgina Alonzo, Megan Ingegno, Will Torres, Nicole Warren


1. System Issues

The alumni address problem was solved. Students will be loaded in once as alumni via the tapeload (after they graduate). Their records will be static so we can update their address information. If they do not come in and register with the libraries within a year, they will be purged. Register all other alumni who are not in the database following the old instructions: users must provide an alumni card or diploma and another picture ID. If a user has a library card that says alumni, but they are no longer in the system, as for another form of ID and re-enter their information in the system. See the borrower's chart for more details.

December/January Holiday time and the libraries: The libraries will be closed online from December 23rd until January 4th. All recalls will be due at a later date in January to be determined by Judy Gardner. The "A" team will not be working, therefore RDS processing will slow down. Chris Sterback will look into PALCI and downtime at the other Consortium Universities during the winter break. This is the first year that we are a PALCI member during the winter break.

10/15 expiration dates: The best way to handle these expired patrons is to first review their online record, look at the glossary, see when they were last loaded, and then ask them questions regarding their status with the University. In order to get borrowing privileges, tell them they will need to show proof of affiliation with the University. Always be gentle when doing this since it is possible that there is a database error involved. Always ask questions and help direct the patron as best you can. Remember to look at the borrower chart for information.

All units should have a new set of slips and directions for the CS-Alex and CS-LSM user. Only damaged materials should be charged to this user.

Alexander Library will receive a Knight Express machine. Al location has been chosen.

2. Circulation Training

Jeff Teichmann and Michele Tokar are working on developing the Circulation training for the Spring semester. Members from the CFG group are encouraged to participate in the training. The training will involve visual, verbal, and written training. Megan Doyle will contribute a Flash presentation to be treaded throughout the session.

3. Circulation Manual

Nicole Warren has begun to piece together the manual from group members' contributions over the past fiscal year. Group members will be asked to read and edit the documents.

4. Information Sharing

All units are busy with normal time of year traffic and requests.

- A collaborative project between AS and CS will take place regarding the Missing Pages.
- Cook Animal Science majors are training Seeing Eye dogs. A puppy was in LSM a few weeks ago. These dogs have on green scarves which describe the program they are affiliated with.

Next Meeting - Thursday, December 18th

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