Minutes of December 18, 2003 meeting

Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Mike Mansouri, Roselyn Riley, Michele Tokar(recorder), Will Torres, Dave Warner, Paul Young
Sal Cardinale, Priscilla Lee, Nicole Warren


1. WorkFlows Training Manual

A final draft of the WorkFlows training manual has been compiled by Nicole Warren. This draft contains works from all members of the group. After the holiday break, all CFG group members will be asked to edit the draft. The group was asked to test each wizard in test workflows to see if the step-by-step directions work for each wizard and if they will work in the upgrade: U2003. All editing and testing should be completed by January 16th, 2004.

2. Spring Training

The CFG is expected to help in the training by participating. Participation will include acting in dramatizations and asking questions. The group has received some written recommendations from the RDS, Billing, and Reserve Functional Groups. These recommendations will be incorporated into the training.

3. Access Webpage

It is recommended that each member of the CFG look at the new Access web page, especially the Circulation Functional Group section, and send their comments or thoughts to Marc Forster.

Next Meeting - Thursday, January 22nd

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