Minutes of January 22, 2004 meeting

Sal Cardinale, Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Mike Mansouri, Michele Tokar(recorder), Will Torres, Dave Warner, Nicole Warren, Paul Young


1. U2003

The upgrade in January did not greatly affect any routine circulation functions. The only noticeable change was in the discharge and charge of smart barcodes; staff must re-enter the number manually. Reserves (shadow title) were affected the most by the upgrade.

Downtime was not a problem this year.

2. Circulation Manual

Group members handed in their comments and suggestions for the draft of the manual. Nicole will look through these. Michele and Nicole will review the final draft, and make it ready for publication by February.

3. Circulation Training

The outline for circulation training has been established. The training will cover all the basic concepts and practices used at the circulation desk (not every detail of how to use WorkFlows, but more policy based examples.)An understanding of the integration of circulation will be discussed, what staff should know when working at the circulation desk, and the importance of public service. Megan Doyle will contribute by creating a Flash program. Power Point will be used as well as some group activities. The training is expected to last approximately 2 hours.

4. Circulation FAQ

Michele has asked that all group members write up some FAQ's. Each member of the group was asked to choose 2-4 questions to write up by Thursday January 28, 2004. Sal will write up an FAQ about what happens to books that are charged out to the CS user. Marc Forster will post them on the NBL webpage under the Circulation Functional Group under documentation or projects. Exact location to be determined.

5. System and Other Issues

Can students use the online term bill as a form of valid identification to get a library card? The online bill is on the rutgers.edu page under Students->Cashier/Student Accts. This question along with a request to revisit the possibility of registering alumni using the online alumni database will be brought up at the next Access Services Committee Meeting.

How can a guest or alumni have use of Annex materials since the building hours are limited? Supervisors at any 1 of the 4 large units can determine the need on a case by case basis. They may assist the user in obtaining materials.

290300000004 barcodes: With the beginning of the semester, we are all seeing these barcodes once again. Michele has asked that all units forward these barcode changes to her and she will forward them to Judy Gardner. The 29030000000004 form is available online in the 'FORMS' section of the Access Services WebSite.

6. Information Sharing

Roselyn Riley is now working at the Art Library and will no longer be a member of the Circulation Functional Group.

Water pipe burst in the reference department and flooded part of the area.

Planning a shift and inventory of the collection

Scheduling students/training
Megan is waiting for the stolen memory to be replaced in her computer.

Collection Services:
CS needs more student help. Looking for Grad students from SCILS department.

Circulation Department will now move in March.

New Jaws reader for the visually impaired near copy machines.

3rd floor ceiling is fixed.
Attempted break in the basement of LSM.

Next Meeting - Thursday, February 19th

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