Minutes of May 27, 2004 meeting

Ray Balter, Sal Cardinale, May Chin, Megan Doyle, Priscilla Lee, Michele Tokar(recorder), Will Torres, Dave Warner, Nicole Warren, Paul Young
Marc Forster


The group reviewed two policies regarding patron records for the summer that were sent out by central access services. These were: Summer Session/Patron records and Suspension of loading alumni records over the summer.

1. Summer Session Patron Records

We will only load records for students enrolled in summer session. All other Rutgers University students will not be loaded during the summer. If a Rutgers student is not registered for summer classes, but they wish to change their e-mail address, we will change it for them in WorkFlows, but they still need to change it online in the Rutgers Online Directory. Circulation staff should do this for all students during the summer regardless if they are in summer session or not. This way there is no confusion between different types of students.

2. Suspension of Loading Alumni Records Over the Summer

Alumni records will not be loaded during the summer. The reason for this is that recent alumni who are now enrolled as graduate students keep reverting back to alumni in WorkFlows. The alumni status takes precedence over grad in these records in WorkFlows. This happened to nearly 200 Grad records. We will change records back to Grad/Grad this summer over the phone, via AAL or at the circulation desk. It is not necessary to have the person come to library in person or provide proof of status.

3. Special Programs and Library Privileges

Any non-Rutgers student in a Rutgers summer program/internship that is grant funded can get borrowing privileges. The instructor, however, must first supply a class roster to library administration including SSN and lengths and dates of the program. The instructor can write directly to Judy Gardner.

4. Review of Web Document Delivery: What You Should Know at the Circ Desk

The group reviewed the web document delivery instructions and how this new procedure would affect operations at the circ desk. The group reviewed the list again from the last CFG meeting. Beginning June 1st, all staff working at the circulation desk should be aware of the following:

5. How Do RAs Deal With Web Document Delivery and Establishing an Account

Preferably, RA's should ask their instructor to set up a departmental account. Documents will be e-mailed to the RA and not to the instructor.

6. Circulation Manual and FAQs

The circulation Manual is still being worked on. Again, Nicole has done an excellent job of compiling the CFG's work into the manual. The FAQs are in process.

7. Other

Michele asked the group if they would like to re-establish the contact list for Access Services. This list which was used in the past was a director of staff in the Access department, if they worked in the daytime or evening and their area of expertise. The evening shift workers said this would be extremely helpful.

8. Information Sharing

- Working on the inventory project, preparing for the removal of spring reserves.
- Removing 430 books from the reference section of Chemistry. The records will be withdrawn online and then physically removed from the shelves.
Collection Services:
- ACM cleanup at Math library. Reviewing inventory project. CS had extra money in the bindery account, so they are sending out materials to be bound.
- May 17th was the official opening of the Douglass Library, and the completion of phase 1 of D21.
- Consolidating shelves for maps and atlases on the 1st floor. Furniture is still being repaired.
- Dave Warner filling in at Math. There was a big flood at LSM. Materials and computers were fine, although the building was shut down for 1/2 a day. Weeded over 15,000 items. Special Collection Inventory near final stages of completion.

Next Meeting - Thursday, June 17th, 2:30pm


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